• Welcome to the final week of lectures!!! (week 10)

    Posted by Katie Clinch Monday 15 April 2024, 11:44:16 AM.

    Hi all,

    Well done for sticking it out till the final week. We're almost at the end. I'll be taking the lectures again this week. On Thursday we'll learn about statistics, and on Friday we'll have a revision lecture, where I'll give you some details about the final exam. Vote for the topics you'd most like to revise here .

    We have two deadlines this week:

    • Quiz 8 is due on Wednesday 17th April at 6pm AEST.
    • Assignment 4 (the final assignment!) is due on Thursday 18th April at 6pm AEST.

    Also just a reminder that there will be one further quiz due before the final exam

    • Quiz 9 will be accessible online from Wednesday 17th April at 6pm AEST, and is due next week on Wednesday 24th April at 6pm AEST .

    Finally please register any feedback you have for the course, both good and bad, in the myExperience survey . We want to make some changes to this course, and your input will be invaluable in helping us make the right choices for future students.

    See you on Thursday,

    Katie and the COMP9020 team

  • Online consultation - Tuesday 9th April

    Posted by Katie Clinch Monday 08 April 2024, 04:36:59 PM.

    Unfortunately, Mark isn't available tomorrow, so as a one-off, the Tuesday consultation will be run by Malhar and will start at the later time of 7:30pm . As usual, you can find the link to join the meeting here .

    Thanks to Malhar for being available at such short notice,

    Katie and the COMP9020 team

  • Welcome to week 9!

    Posted by Katie Clinch Monday 08 April 2024, 10:52:15 AM.

    Hi all,

    We're nearly at the end of the semester! Well done for all your hard work thus far. I'll be taking the lectures this week.

    There is just one deadline this week:

    • Quiz 7 is due at 6pm (AEST) on Wednesday April 10th (please note the change in timezone due to the clocks changing)

    Assignment 4 (the last assignment!) is also available for you to start working on. It covers material from last week's lectures and from the lectures coming up this week.

    Our last lecture together (on Friday next week) will be a revision lecture . Please vote in the poll for the topics that you would most like us to review in the revision lecture.

    Katie and the COMP9020 team

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