• Assignment 2 Released

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Friday 22 September 2017, 02:27:27 PM.

    Assignment 2 has now been released. The main topic is problem solving with graph data structures and graph search. Since the assignment gives you a lot of freedom to develop your own approach to the problem, readability of your program will be very important. Please make sure to adhere to the principles of structured programming and use good commenting.

    Pay heed also to the following advice from the Tao of Programming (Book 3):

    Thus spake the Master Programmer:
    "When a program is being tested,
    it is too late to make design changes."

  • Assignment 1 Marks

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 18 September 2017, 10:43:33 AM.

    The marks for assignment 1 have now been finalised. In some cases the auto-testing results have been further adjusted manually. You can check your final result on WebCMS3 or by using the following command:

    9024 classrun -sturec

    You can also fetch your marked assignment with some feedback from WebCMS3 or by using

    9024 -collect assn1

  • Mid-session Exam

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Thursday 14 September 2017, 02:57:21 PM.

    Some information about the mid-session exam next week (21 September):

    Please bring your Photo Student I.D. Card


    • if your last name begins with A – M: Rex Vowels Theatre (Building F17)
    • if your last name begins with N – Z: Physics Theatre (Old Main Building, K14/K15)

    Please be there at 6pm, the test will start at 6:15pm


    • 5 multiple-choice questions (5 x 2 = 10 marks)
    • 2 open questions (7 + 8 = 15 marks)
    • Time allowed -- 60 minutes + 5 minutes reading time
    • One A4-sized sheet (double-sided is ok) of your own notes

    Calculators, phones and watches are not allowed and must remain in your bag.

    For complete instructions see: instructions.pdf

  • Assignment 1 Released

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Friday 11 August 2017, 03:13:10 PM.

    Assignment 1 has now been released. The main topics are C control structures, abstract data types and dynamic data structures. You will also have to provide the time complexity of some your implemented functions, which is going to be the topic of the upcoming lecture next week.

    The assignment is due Wednesday 30 August at 23:59pm (week 6).

  • Help Lab

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 31 July 2017, 03:17:50 PM.

    A reminder about the weekly help lab starting tomorrow (Tuesday). If you are having difficulties with any of the programming homework, please come to CSE Clavier Lab anytime between 2 and 4pm to use the lab computers for solving the exercises. A tutor, Shanush, will be around who will answer any questions you might have about them or the programs from the lecture.

    Clavier Lab is room LG20 in Building K14 (Old Main). The easiest way to find it is to follow a sign outside Keith Burrows Theatre (Building J14) that points to "CSE Computer Labs".

  • Welcome to COMP9024: Data Structures and Algorithms

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Thursday 20 July 2017, 12:05:37 PM.

    Dear COMP9024 Student,

    Welcome to this year's course.

    This is a reminder that the course will begin in week 1 on Thursday (27 July) from 6-9pm in Rex Vowels (Building F17).

    Meanwhile, have a look at the course webpage . Read through the "Course Outline" to learn more about the contents of the course, the assessment and recommended textbooks.

    See you next week,


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