• Extra Consultation on Monday 11:10-12noon

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Friday 13 October 2017, 11:41:46 AM.

    For anyone with questions about the assignment, there will be an extra consultation on Monday (16 October) from 11:10am to 12 in room G02 (ground level, building K17). This is in addition to the Help Lab on Tuesday.

  • No lecture tomorrow (12 Oct)

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Wednesday 11 October 2017, 10:58:21 AM.

    Please note that there will be no lecture or consultation tomorrow.

    I wasn't at my best last week when I got hoarse midway through the lecture. I have almost but not quite fully recovered. The good news is that you have more time now to finish your assignment. All essential topics will still be covered; I will skip the introduction to the design and analysis of randomised algorithms, which would not have been examinable anyway.

    If you were planning on coming to the consultation to discuss your mid-term marks, you can still do so in week 12 or 13 of course

  • Mid-session exam scoresheet

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Tuesday 03 October 2017, 08:15:19 PM.

    To help you understand better your scoresheet, the maximum scores for each block are shown below.

    Question 6
     a) Gives the correct answer
     b) Gives the correct vertex, correct degree
     c) Gives a correct answer
     d) Gives the correct answer                      3.00
     e) Shows current vertex and queue
     e) Vertices are added at end of queue
     e) Gives the correct visiting order
     e) Gives the correct states of the queue         5.00
    Total                                             8.00 / 8.00
    Question 7
     Uses appropriate pseudocode notation
     Uses correct program logic                       1.50
     Algorithm is correct and complete                4.00
     Gives the correct complexity
     Gives correct explanation                        1.50
    Total                                             7.00 / 7.00

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