• Final Result

    Posted by Hui Wu Monday 02 July 2018, 03:36:15 PM, last modified Monday 02 July 2018, 04:09:00 PM.

    Dear All,

    You can view your final result and exam result by following this link: Your exam result and final result are shown in the fields exam and final, respectively.

    Congratulations to the following HD winners:

    Shao, Hui

    Halden, Torjus

    Shanthidewa, Nipuna

    Shea, John Michael

    Manandhar, Manish

    Ding, Yihao

    Zhang, Yi

    Xu, Haonan

    Hoare, Leo Richard

    Wang, Yunhan

    Xie, Pengcheng

    Tian, Zhu

    Qiu, Yu

    Poona, Srihari Saishar

    Well done guys!

    Note that if your final result denoted in the field final is at least 50, you have passed this course. If your final result is between 40 and 49, you will be given a supplementary exam. However, your final result will be at most 50 (Pass) after the supplementary exam. CSE Student Office will inform you of the time and venue of the supplementary exam soon.

    Wish you all the best in the future.



  • COMP9024 consultation

    Posted by Hui Wu Monday 18 June 2018, 11:04:05 AM.

    Dear All,

    I have scheduled two sessions of consultations for the final exam:

    Session 1: 9-12 2-5pm Wed

    Session 2: 9-12 Thursday

    Venue: my office K17-501D. After you come to level 5, call me on 56572 using the phone on the wall near the lift.



  • All assignment results and your ranks

    Posted by Hui Wu Monday 18 June 2018, 10:50:40 AM.

    Dear All,

    Your assignment 4 results are available. If you have any queries about your results, contact Umair asap. His email is available by clicking Staff in the left pane of the course homepage.

    I have computed your total assignment marks and your ranks with respect to total assignment marks. The relevant fields are:

    assn4: your assignment 4 marks

    total_assn: your total assignments marks which is the sum of all the four assignment marks

    assn_rank: your relative rank in the whole class, where = means equal ranking. For example, 3=/110 means you are the 3rd with some other students of the whole class with 110 students., and 10/110 means that you are 10th.

    To view your results, use this link to sign in:

    I did not release marks distribution as rank can reflect you standing better.



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