• Assignment Submission

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Tuesday 25 January 2022, 09:58:41 AM, last modified Tuesday 25 January 2022, 10:03:15 AM.

    The instructions on how to submit your assignment are now available, please read the instructions in the "Submission" section under " How to Submit ".

  • Additional Consultations

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Monday 24 January 2022, 03:05:22 PM, last modified Monday 24 January 2022, 03:08:52 PM.

    We have added more consultation hours, please see the revised list at Consultations :

    • 4pm-5pm Monday 24 Jan (current)
    • 4pm-5pm Thursday 27 Jan (current)
    • 4pm-5pm Friday 28 Jan (new)
    • 11am-12noon Saturday 29 Jan (new)
    • 4pm-5pm Sunday 30 Jan (new)
    • 4pm-5pm Monday 31 Jan (current)
    • 4pm-5pm Thursday 03 Feb (current)
    • 4pm-5pm Friday 04 Feb (new)

  • Sample Final Exam

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Monday 24 January 2022, 02:55:28 PM.

    Please carefully read all the instructions in the Sample Final Exam , it should answer most/all of your queries. If you need further clarifications, please ask me during the lectures.

    The Final Exam paper will be released on the class webpage (at ) at 2pm on Saturday 05 February 2022 (AEST, that is Sydney time). You need to submit answers by 05pm Saturday 05 February 2022 (AEST), that is after 3 hours. All the times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), that is Sydney time zone.

  • Welcome to Week-4

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Monday 24 January 2022, 02:50:53 PM.

    This week we will discuss a few Graph Algorithms, and importantly learn how to recognise and exploit possible domain constraints to efficiently solve a problem. Later this week and early next week, we will focus on String pattern matching algorithms, and again learn how to efficiently solve problems, that are otherwise very expensive using brute force algorithms.

    Hopefully you are making a good progress in your assignment, that is due at 10am Tuesday 01 Feb 2022. If you have any queries regarding the assignment and/or regarding any course material, please attend a consultation or post a message on Ed forum.

    There is no lecture on Wednesday 26 January (public holiday).

Upcoming Due Dates

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