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    Posted by Michael Thielscher Wednesday 30 August 2023, 07:29:43 PM.

    Your mark is now available through or from your CSE account using

    9024 classrun -sturec 

    You can obtain a detailed summary of your exam marks on → Assignments → Search for Assignments → Exam

    or by using:

    9024 classrun -collect Exam 

    The university has a policy to disallow any adjustments to near-misses of higher grades, and they utilise statistical methods to ensure compliance. In a large class like ours, it is inevitable that some of you will have missed a higher grade by just 1 mark. In such cases, I apologise for what is simply bad luck, but please note that all questions were manually marked using the same criteria for everyone, and then we are not allowed to make individual adjustments.

    Kudos to the following students for scoring 90 or higher:

    Jeremy Sha
    Weiyi Wang
    Liangyu Ding
    Cuiling Xue
    Kurt Wu
    Desheng Liu
    Yuhang Zhou
    Feng Wu
    Ivan Luk
    Zijun Wang
    Sima Gholami

    Well done, and congratulations to everyone else who passed and achieved a good result!

    Enjoy your term break and best of luck with your future studies.


  • Large Programming Assignment Marks

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Thursday 17 August 2023, 10:12:01 AM.

    You can now fetch your marked tripView assignment, including feedback, either by logging into , or by using

    9024 classrun -collect assn

    If you are curious about the test cases that were used for evaluating your program, you can now find these under Assignment → FAQ. Kudos especially to everyone who managed to change trains at all stations between Marrickville and Campbelltown for test case 10!

    If you have any further question about your assignment mark, please contact the tutor who marked your assignment; you can find that information at the very bottom of your journal (line starting with "Marked by").

  • Practice Exam Questions on Moodle

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Tuesday 08 August 2023, 04:17:13 PM.

    We have set up a Moodle quiz with 6 questions - 4 short-answer questions and 2 open questions. This quiz is available from 5pm today (Tuesday, 8 Aug) and will remain open until the day of the final exam. You can find the quiz on the Moodle webpage for our course or access it directly through this link: Practice Final Exam - Duration: 1 hr + 5 mins reading time

    The quiz is timed and will automatically close 65 minutes after you started it. Your answers will not be marked, but at the conclusion of the quiz you will be able to review your quiz and see sample solutions for all the questions.

    Note that while the questions are typical of the questions you might see in the Final Exam, the format is like a Moodle Quiz. The Final Exam will have hand written (and drawn) responses.

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