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  • Lab marks available

    Posted by Hui Guo Sunday 24 October 2021, 05:39:45 PM.

    The lab marks of Lab 1 and Lab 2 have been uploaded to SMS. To find your marks, login to your CSE account and type the following command:

    9032 classrun -sturec

  • Design Project Released

    Posted by Hui Guo Friday 15 October 2021, 04:15:55 PM.

    The project specification is available on the Assignment page on the course website. You are required to work with your group members on the project. Please note, the opacity level of the windows mentioned in the project spec can be controlled by the PWM signals that will be covered in Week 7. You can start the project by first making a working plan, which may include

    • Tasks that need to be performed in order to complete this project
    • The schedule of the tasks
    • The role of each member for the tasks
    • The test method for each task, and
    • A project management strategy to ensure that the project work is carried out smoothly and completed on time.

  • Lab board demo

    Posted by Hui Guo Sunday 03 October 2021, 10:11:32 AM.

    Please see the nice demo about the lab board made by Kenny, which will help you to complete Task 2 of Lab 2.

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