• About Final Exam and sample exam paper

    Posted by Wenjie Zhang Saturday 07 August 2021, 02:02:31 PM.

    Dear Students,

    Below are the details for our final exam COMP9311 T2 2021.

    Time: 2:00PM to 8:00PM, Sydney time. 25th August 2021, Wednesday.

    Where to get the exam paper: will be released on our course website ( 1T2/), on 2: 00PM 25th August.

    How to submit: via Moodle, the same way as you submit assignments.

    - How to get the exam paper and how to submit is the same as what you did for the 2 assignments.

    - You may submit multiple copies and we will mark the LAST one.

    - In case near 8:00PM and you have trouble submitting via Moodle, send your solution to with your name and zid.

    - Any questions during the exam, send email to or

    - We accept any format: directly answering using word, or handwriting and convert to word / pdf. We only require the file to be clear and in .doc or .pdf.

    A sample exam paper has been released. Please note it only gives you an idea how the final exam paper looks like, but not the scope or difficulty level of the final exam.

  • Daily consultation before final exam

    Posted by Wenjie Zhang Saturday 07 August 2021, 01:57:53 PM.

    We will run daily consultation before the final exam. You will be able to get support instantly in case you have a problem in preparing for the exam.

    Join the session the same way via Moodle as you do for our normal weekly consultation sessions.

    Time: 3PM to 4PM

    Monday 16th Aug
    Tuesday 17th Aug
    Wednesday 18th Aug
    Thursday 19th Aug
    Friday 20th Aug
    Monday 23rd Aug
    Tuesday 24th Aug

  • Assignment 2 released

    Posted by Wenjie Zhang Tuesday 20 July 2021, 04:20:31 PM.

    Dear Students,

    Assignment 2 is released, due 5PM Friday 6 Aug. Please start early !

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