• Supplmentary Exams Arrangements

    Posted by Michael Ruisi Yu Thursday 19 May 2022, 01:17:18 PM, last modified Thursday 19 May 2022, 01:17:27 PM.

    Hello Everyone,

    We've received details about the supplementary exam schedule. Our supplementary exam is scheduled for next Wednesday , on the 25th of May , during the afternoon session between the hours of 1pm to 4pm Sydney local time.

    According to the most recent records provided by STU, there should only be 5 students who are eligible for the supplementary exam. Please let us know if you have any issues with the time.

    Kind Regards

  • Final Exam Released

    Posted by Michael Ruisi Yu Saturday 07 May 2022, 01:56:03 PM, last modified Saturday 07 May 2022, 01:58:30 PM.

    The final exam paper has been released on Webcms, accessible in the Final Exam Paper Tab.
    The Moodle submission page will be active starting from 2pm.

    Please read the instructions and questions carefully, and do let us know if there any problems with accessing the file.
    Lastly, best of luck to you all :)

    (Note: we don't have any rules on the name of your final file submission, but it would be nice if you could include your zid in the file name)

  • Final Exam Tomorrow

    Posted by Michael Ruisi Yu Friday 06 May 2022, 05:26:11 PM.

    Dear Students,

    A reminder that the exam is scheduled tomorrow: between 2 - 5 pm AEST 7th May
    We will release the final exam on Webcms at 1:50 pm (10 minutes prior to the exam start time) .
    You will be notified via a Webcms notice (also emailed to all students).
    You will submit your exam on Moodle.

    During the examination:

    1. If you have any concerns relating to the questions, send an email to me ( ) AND the course email address ( ). Please do not post anything on the forum, as it could be distracting to other students.
    2. If we are to make updates/clarifications to any questions. We will release updates both as Webcms notices (also emailed to all students) and in the Exam tab in webcms3.

    Please allocate 5-10 minutes towards the end to submit your examination. Anything submitted after 5pm AEST Saturday 7th May will be ignored (unless you have adjustments based on an Equitable Learning Plan).

    For detailed university guidelines on exam rules, please take 10 minutes or so to read the contents of the following link.

    Please be well prepared for the exam. Unfortunately, we will not provide any support for your own personal configuration or network-related issues. So have your phone hot-spot ready for unexpected network outages.

    We will be checking for plagiarism in your exam submissions. You must attempt the examination by yourself.

    We wish you all best of luck,
    COMP9311 team

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