• School's decision on exam plagiarism

    Posted by Xin Cao Tuesday 06 September 2022, 08:23:00 AM.

    To those who obtained a WD grade,

    I am just notified by the school about how to deal with the exam plagiarism.

    For students who are in the final term at UNSW, you will be eligible to sit the supplementary exam this Thursday. However, your mark will be capped at 50 even if you can pass the course.

    For the other students, you will receive an allegation of plagiarism, and you can provide your response within 5 business days.

    I am confirming with the Nucleus on the list of students in the last term at UNSW, and such students will receive a confirmation email from me no later than tomorrow.



  • Supplementary Exam Date and Time

    Posted by Xin Cao Friday 02 September 2022, 09:28:03 AM, last modified Friday 02 September 2022, 01:15:14 PM.

    The supplementary exam will take place next Thursday (8th September), and the time is again from 1pm to 5pm.

    I will email the exam paper to you if you will sit the supplementary exam.

    I will also send an email one day before the exam date to confirm your attendance.

    I have sent an email to all students who will sit the supplementary exam. Currently, there are only 10 students on the list. If you haven't received the email, it means that you are not eligible for that. If your current mark is WD, you still need to wait for the school's decision now.



  • Serious Plagiarism Behaviors detected in the Final Exam

    Posted by Xin Cao Monday 29 August 2022, 10:27:54 AM, last modified Friday 02 September 2022, 06:44:12 PM.

    Dear All,

    We finished the marking of the final exam over the weekend.

    The marking took me and the teaching team much longer time than expected because we found many similar exam scripts. Some of them are almost the same on all 6 exam questions!! This is very disappointing to see such results.

    All such exam scripts have already been reported to the school. It is my first time detecting so serious plagiarism behaviors in the final exam of COMP9313. We cannot invigilate the online exam, but it does not mean that we can do nothing during the marking.

    "WD" will be displayed as the marks for these exam scripts, and the school will make a decision later after checking them.

    Before sending me the email to argue about the exam marks, please first think about if you have done properly in the exam.



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