• Final Marks and WDs

    Posted by John Shepherd Thursday 04 June 2020, 04:25:32 PM, last modified Thursday 04 June 2020, 04:26:33 PM.

    Your exam marks should now be visible.

    I'll leave it for you to work out what ass1+ass2+quizzes+exam represents.

    Some people received email today about exam collusion who shouldn't have. We examined quite a few potential cases, and some were ultimately deemed "No problem", but their zIDs might have been left in the list of people who may have colluded. Such people probably received an SY already, rather than a WD. Their marks don't change.

    It may take a day or two for WDs to be converted to real grades in MyUNSW.

    If you did collude in the final exam and "got away with it", think carefully before trying it again.

    That's it from me for COMP9315 20T1. Enjoy 20T2.

  • Final Grades

    Posted by John Shepherd Thursday 21 May 2020, 08:13:45 PM.

    It seems that final grades are already available. As per Faculty requirements, the grades are SY (if you passed), NF (if you didn't pass), and WC (if you have been awarded a Supp Exam).

    Some people received a WD grade. This is because, as we were marking the exams, we noticed that some of their answers were very similar to answers submitted by another student. This suggests some form of collusion in completing the final exam. This requires further investigation to determine whether some kind of penalty is warranted.

    I draw your attention to the text at the top of the exam information sheet:

    I acknowledge that all of the work I submit for this exam
    will be completed by me without assistance from anyone else.

    Warning: We will be running plagiarism-checking on your submissions.
    Plagiarism, especially in exams, will be prosecuted as Student Misconduct.

    Your answers have been passed to the School Ethics Officer, Michael Thielscher, who will be contacting you shortly for an explanation of the similarity.

  • Polls on Exam

    Posted by John Shepherd Friday 08 May 2020, 10:10:05 AM.

    Given that this was a novel way to run an exam, I'm interested in feedback. I've made a couple of Polls, but I'm also interested if you want to send me email about the process.

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