• LE marks

    Posted by John Shepherd Tuesday 25 May 2021, 09:32:02 AM, last modified Wednesday 09 June 2021, 08:17:03 PM.

    There's no point sending me emails about LE grades. I am seriously busy (again) this week, so won't be able to fix them until Week 1 Week 2. Most of you are going to pass. All that fixing the assignment mark will do is increase your final mark by a few points.

  • Marks .... again and again and again and ...

    Posted by John Shepherd Wednesday 19 May 2021, 06:09:46 PM.

    The seemingly never-ending marking saga continues ...

    "Final" marks went in today, and these are what you'll get tomorrow (Thu 20 May).

    If you get an LE grade, it means I'm still looking at your assignment mark and will update the mark later. If you got 6.7 for Assignment 2 I re-tested your submission; if you still have 6.7, it's because you messed up something else (compilation error or too slooooow). You should have an LE grade until I get a chance to investigate.

    If you get a WD grade, either you have a Supp (you know who you are) or I suspect that you have "over collaborated", and I'll be in touch for an explanation. I am still doing plagiarism checking, so even if you get a mark tomorrow, it might still turn into a "Please Explain" ... feeling guilty?

    Tonight, I am having a night off after an exhausting round of marking, so don't expect an answer to any email until late tomorrow (I have meetings all day).

  • Ass2 6.7

    Posted by John Shepherd Tuesday 18 May 2021, 07:00:09 PM, last modified Wednesday 19 May 2021, 12:19:37 AM.

    There's no need to send any more emails about scoring 6.7 for the Assignment 2 automarking.

    I will try to find out what went wrong with these submissions tonight. You ahve supplied some useful evidence for what the problem might be.

    I am extremely annoyed. I thought I'd fixed all the submissions that didn't follow the spec, and submitted files in a sub-directory. All of the 6.7's I have seen so far are like this. You should all feel guilty about wasting my time on fixing this.

    Midnight update: I've run most of the 6.7's. I'll finish them in the morning. Some have compile errors and excessive time usage. I'll deal with them (and other TODOs) once I've submitted the bulk of the marks.

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