• Supplementary Exam

    Posted by Raymond Wong Wednesday 31 August 2022, 02:53:57 PM.

    If you are granted the supplementary exam, it is scheduled for Wednesday 7 September 2022 13:30-16:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

    The 2.5-hr exam paper will be released and available in Moodle .

    The supplementary exam has the same exam conditions and instructions as the sample exam (and the final exam), but it may have a different number of questions and different types of questions.

  • Final exam link is available

    Posted by Raymond Wong Wednesday 24 August 2022, 01:05:53 PM.

    The exam link is available in Moodle now.

    You can start reading the exam instructions.

    You can only start attempting the exam at 1:30pm AEST.

    The link to the sample exam is now hidden to avoid any confusion.

  • give Submission System for Final Exam

    Posted by Dominic Wong Sunday 21 August 2022, 12:13:37 PM, last modified Sunday 21 August 2022, 12:15:58 PM.

    To help you familiarise with submitting your files for the programming component of the final exam, the give submission system has been set up. You may submit some dummy files using the commands below, and check your submission, in the same way that you would during the exam.

    Use the give command below to submit your solution:

     give cs9319 exam *.h *.c makefile 


     give cs9319 exam *.h *.cpp makefile 

    Note that the give command is available on any CSE linux machines (such as wagner) but not on grieg . You can check your submission status by:

     9319 classrun -check exam

    NOTE: Please note the WebCMS submission interface will NOT be available for the exam, so it is important that you get familiar with submitting using the above method.

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