• Final exam reminder

    Posted by Raymond Wong Monday 21 August 2023, 03:38:59 PM.

    The final exam is on this Thursday 24 Aug 13:45-16:00 . You should have already received your seat allocation (Lab/Seat No/Time) by email. If not, please contact CSE asap.

    • The exam is closed book, no materials are permitted . Lecture slides (excluding the live lecture notes) will be made available during the exam.
    • It is recommended to bring a UNSW approved calculator. If not, you can use the calculator program available in the desktop menu.
    • Scribble papers will be provided, so bring your own pens .

    The final live lecture discussed all the points above and more (e.g., the exam duration and instructions, the exam environment such as available editors). So please watch its recording if you haven't already.

    If you have further questions about the exam, post them in the Ed forum . Good luck.

  • a2 results

    Posted by Raymond Wong Tuesday 15 August 2023, 08:33:35 PM.

    We have sent your a2 result to your UNSW email. If you have questions regarding your marks, please follow the instructions in the email .

    FYI, the top 5 total timings (in usr+sys seconds) for completing all 30 tests are:

    16.82 (bonus winner)

  • Exam and a2

    Posted by Raymond Wong Wednesday 09 August 2023, 03:05:45 PM.

    If you haven't watched the final live lecture recording, please do so asap. It contains important information and preparation advice for the exam. It also includes some information about a2.

    Exam preparation:

    Reviewing the exercises and lecture examples (and get familiar with the algorithms) is sufficient for the exam preparation.


    As mentioned at the above lecture, marking each a2 takes quite awhile (as we need to allocate enough real time to accommodate usr+sys time for each test, and it has totally 30 tests). We still aim to email you the results by early next week (or else will keep you informed). Meanwhile, if you would like to check / run those tests. You can do so by log into grieg, simply go inside the folder that contains your makefile and program source files and type: ~cs9319/a2/automark

    Note that the above automark script is provided for your reference. It only checks for output correctness. It does not include the checking of index file size, memory usages or running time (whilst these constraints are checked as separate processes during the actual marking).

    As we discussed previously, it includes: 1/3 small (identical to the provided sanity tests); 1/3 medium; and 1/3 large.

    Warning : if your program is slow, it may take a long time to run through all 30 tests.

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