• Interesting blog by students in COMP9321

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Monday 19 April 2021, 12:31:25 AM.

    Dear All,

    We are proud to see that two students in COMP9321 have utilized the knowledge that they have acquired in the course to help them with their own project within the UNSW IT Hero Program.

    Saurabh Jain and Sheethal Mohan have shared their experience and some information about their project in a blog that you can find here ( COMP9321 21T1 | WebCMS3 ( ). although they are not at liberty to share code or the dataset since this is a project proposed by a business partner, but they have shared some code snippet and masked data snippets to provide context and help other students learn from their experience.

    Please feel free to comment on the blog and ask questions.

  • Waiving the late penalty for Assignment3 for the first three days

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Sunday 18 April 2021, 12:46:23 AM, last modified Sunday 18 April 2021, 11:21:14 PM.

    Dear All,

    As you may have been aware, some students has suffered some issues with the files in their home directory. it seems that the issue affected very small percentage of the students, but nevertheless it came to our attention that some of the students enrolled in COMP9321 are among the students affected.

    So just to be mindful of this and to minimize the stress in the already stressful Week10, so we decided to waive the late penalty for assigmnent3 for the first three days (for all students). Pay attention that we are NOT extending the deadline , so if you submit your answers after 3 days of the deadline your submission will NOT be marked as the penalty will be 100% (i.e. as long as you submit before 18:00 on the 24th of April there will be no penalty, but any submission (without approved extension) after this time/date will not be marked).

    We hope that this will make things more convenient to the students. If you have any question or if anything is not clear please feel free to contact us.

    ** Note : if you have been affected with the File Server issue please check the instructions here ( these instructions. ) and follow up with CSE Help desk ( ).<o:p></o:p>

    Best of luck to all,

    COMP9321 Teaching Team

  • Quiz4 is now released

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Sunday 18 April 2021, 12:08:51 AM, last modified Sunday 18 April 2021, 12:09:07 AM.

    Dear All,

    Quiz4 is now released ( )

    best of luck to all...

    COMP9321 Teaching Team

Upcoming Due Dates

  • Quiz4
    Thursday 22 April 2021, 11:59:00 PM

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