• Supplementary Exam paper is released

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Friday 28 May 2021, 12:58:37 PM.

    Dear All,

    Please be advised that the final exam Paper is now released ( Exam )

    You can submit your MCQ answers in Moodle Quiz ( MCQ )

    Remember the instructions we have provided in the previous announcements. Try to read all the exam questions first so if you have any questions you can reach out to us soon rather at the last minute. You ca contact me via e-mail or MS Teams.

    Best of Luck to all

    COMP9321 Teaching Team

  • Term1 Supplementary Exam

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Sunday 23 May 2021, 12:52:32 AM.

    Dear Students,

    if you have been approved to participate in the supplementary exam please be advised for the following:

    • the exam is on Friday the 28th of May @ 13:00 and conclude @ 15:15 (2 hours and 15 minutes).
    • all the exam details are similar as the original final exam (read the previous announcements on the 26th, 29th of April) the only difference is that if you have any question you need to contact me on Teams or email.
    • it worth to iterate and elaborate about something. we are going to use Moodle quiz bank for the MCQ. you can attempt the MCQ multiple times and only the last attempt that you have click "submit answers" will be considered. as the questions are randomized from the quiz bank, that means if you make new attempt you will get new set of questions.
    • one more thing to emphasize, all answers should be in your own words. copy/paste from any source will get you zero and possible case of student misconduct.

    best of luck to all...

  • Assign3 Marks Released

    Posted by Mehmet Rad Tuesday 11 May 2021, 03:06:16 PM.

    Dear Students,

    Assignment 3 has been marked. Please contact me (Mohammadali) if you have any enquires.
    Before requesting for a re-mark, please read the Assignment Specification and requirements, and use the test dataset to test your own models.
    The test dataset is now accessible from :


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