• myExperience Survey (Course Feedback)

    Posted by Helen Paik Sunday 15 October 2017, 12:09:49 PM.

    Hello, class,

    I would like to ask you to please take a minute to fill in the myExperience form for COMP9322. There were 4 (!!) students filled in the survey last semester. That isn't really enough to form an opinion about how the course went. So, it is very unusual for me to ask you explicitly to participate in the survey ... but I decided to do so this semester.

    Let's do better than 4 this semester, please !!! Go to myExperience and use your zID to login.

    Ah, of course ... good luck with the rest of the assignment 2 work as well.

  • Assignment 2 submission and demo guide

    Posted by Helen Paik Wednesday 11 October 2017, 03:55:12 PM.

    The assignment 2 page is updated with submission instructions and demo guide.

    Do not forget to double check your demo booking time. As I mentioned before, I have adjusted them a little bit. See you on Monday Week 12 for the summary lecture.

  • Week 12 - Lecture and Demo

    Posted by Helen Paik Friday 06 October 2017, 02:12:17 PM.

    I had to adjust the demo timetable a little. Please double check your time from the booking detail page here . If you haven't made a booking, email your preferences to me.

    On Week 12 Monday, there will be a wrap-up lecture (1.5 hours or so) to summarise the course and review exam details.

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