• You Must Join the Course on MS Teams

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Tuesday 31 May 2022, 10:50:08 AM.

    Dear All,

    Thank you for all the students who have already joined the course in MS Teams. It is a real pleasure getting to know you all via the "Let me Introduce my self" channel. My apologies for spamming you :)

    If you have not joined the course in MS Teams , do it ASAP. We have already released the project topics. As soon as you join, hit the announcement channel to get some directions. You need to join in order to access the course materials, join the lecture briefings (or watch the recordings), and join mentoring sessions (starting Week2). MS Teams is our one and only communication platform for COMP9323 this term.

    See you all Tomorrow...



  • Welcome to Week1 of COMP9323

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Monday 30 May 2022, 10:56:14 AM, last modified Monday 30 May 2022, 10:56:32 AM.

    Dear All,

    Welcome to Week1, let’s get to know each other...

    This week will be all about getting to know each other and forming Groups. So here are somethings you need to do:

    • If you have not joined the Course on MS Teams, do it now , (INSERT: Shia Labeouf "Just Do it" gif)
    • Head to the “ Let me introduce myself ” channel and introduce yourself. Think inline of your study background, your interests/strengths, things you aspire to achieve while enrolled in COMP9323, and, if you like, a fun fact about you. Please remember to start a new post when you are introducing yourself.
    • We will be releasing the draft project topics today, As I am waiting for some external parties to provide some details. For this term, we have project topics that are proposed by the course authority, and we have some topics proposed by external parties. Each Group is to select one of the topics or propose their own idea. If you are proposing your own idea, you need to write a short summary about the idea and send to ( )
    • Attend the Course intro lecture on Wednesday the 1 st of June 18:00. We will be using MS Teams for the online lecture and an invite will be sent beforehand. We will discuss the course structure and the project topics.
    • As the course is project based, you need to create groups of 5 to 6 people and fill the Form with the Group name, Students’ names, students’ IDs, and email addresses. Also include three preferences for the project themes (ordered from most preferred to least preferred) or your proposed project idea (Definitely your whole team need to agree on the idea). Please make sure to finalise forming groups by (Monday the 6th of June 18:59).
    • Be Awesome 😊

    Best regards,

    The COMP9323 Teaching Team

  • Welcome to COMP9323 2022T2

    Posted by Morty Al-Banna Thursday 26 May 2022, 02:16:31 PM, last modified Thursday 26 May 2022, 02:17:17 PM.

    Dear All,

    Welcome to COMP9323 (Software as a Service Project) T2 2022...

    For COMP9323, we are going to use Microsoft Teams as the communication platform for the course. It is essential to join the course in Microsoft Teams ASAP using the following link ( COMP9323-Teams ) as all announcements, project descriptions, project phases, activities, meetings, discussions, submissions are going to be managed there.

    If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams as a communication platform, please feel free to check out the following resources ( ).

    We will release the project topics, descriptions, and guidelines to form project groups in Teams "Announcement Channel" soon. Stay tuned.

    Handbook information:

    We are looking forward to work with you all on exciting projects during 2022 Term 2.

    Best regards,

    The COMP9323 Teaching Team

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