• Week 7 Content is online

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Sunday 12 July 2020, 06:29:32 PM.

    The lecture and lab content for Week 7 is on the website. There are two labs on BGP this week. In the lectures, we will wrap up BGP and cover Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

  • Assignment Spec Released

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Monday 06 July 2020, 05:44:54 PM.

    The assignment spec is released and available here . The deadline is 5pm on Friday, 7th August (Week 10) . The assignment is based on AODV, a routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. We will cover AODV in the first lecture in Week 7. The lecture slides for AODV have been uploaded. You are welcome to start reading up about it. Good luck.

  • Midterm: Update

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Sunday 05 July 2020, 06:29:47 PM.

    I have realised that I stuffed up a couple of answer choices for a question in the mid-term exam. I have included the question below and the correct choices which I messed up. I have updated the exam marks to reflect this error. You can check the remarked exam in Moodle. Marks also updated in the SMS database. The revised statistics are as follows.

    Max: 21.25, Min: 7.75, Mean: 15.5, Median: 15.5, Std. Dev: 3.7.

    Apologies for the error.

    Question: An organisation is granted a block of addresses with the beginning address The network administrator needs to create 3 sub-blocks of addresses for 3 subnets which require 120, 60, and 10 addresses, respectively. The following sub-blocks are allocated for the first and second subnet (the beginning address of each block is provided):

    Subnet 1:

    Subnet 2:

    Which of the following could be a possible beginning address of the block for the last subnet?

    • -> Should have been
    • -> Should have been (correct answer)

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