• Viewing exam papers (Monday 11th)

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Sunday 10 July 2016, 06:54:20 PM.

    I will be available on Monday 11th from 11:30am-12:15pm in my office (608/K17) if you'd like to view your exam paper.

  • Viewing exam papers

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Thursday 07 July 2016, 07:52:43 AM.

    If you would like to view your exam paper, you can do it this afternoon (Thur 7 July) at 5-5:30pm.

    I will make another time available next Monday (11 July) for viewing the exam paper. I will announce the time once I know my schedule.

  • Marks for project, exam and overall

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Tuesday 28 June 2016, 09:37:40 PM.

    Project, exam and overall course marks are now available. You can check your marks by logging onto your CSE account and type the following command at the prompt:

    9334 classrun 16s1 -sturec

    The exam mark is in a field called examAdjusted which has been scaled. Your overall course mark is in a field called final. Note that the overall course mark, according to the course outline, is computed according to an harmonic mean formula, as follows:

    • Sum assignment1, assignment2 and project mark. The maximum is 35 and it is rescaled to be out of 100, call this C.
    • Let P be the exam mark out of 100.
    • Final mark for the course = 1/(0.65/P+0.35/C)

    If you wish to see your exam paper, you can email me. I will find a time next week so that you can drop in to see your exam paper without having to make an appointment.

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