• Project marks and feedback

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Tuesday 20 June 2017, 06:17:42 PM.

    The marks for the project is now available. You can check your mark via the course web site. The class did quite well for the project with an average mark of 15.2. The project was marked according to the requirements set out in Section 4.2 of the project specifications. Some common places where marks were lost are:

    1. Some students did not provide evidence that they had verified their simulation code. The specifications ask you to use test cases.

    2. Some students did not justify the number of replications they chose. You need to connect the number of replications to the confidence intervals you are getting.

    3. Some students did not compute confidence intervals.

    4. Some students made their choice of the number of servers based on the mean response time. This is not statistically sound. The decision has to be made by comparing confidence interval. You can either use the visual test to compare the confidence interval or you can use the paired t-test.

    5. Continuing on Point #4 above. Some students used mean response time to narrow down the number of servers to a subset (e.g. 6, 7 or 8 servers) and then use confidence intervals to determine the exact number of servers. The first part which is based on mean response time is not statistically sound.

  • Pre-exam consultations

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 19 June 2017, 03:41:52 PM.

    The times for pre-exam consultations are:

    • Tue 20 June at 11:15am-noon
    • Thur 22 June at 11am-noon

    Both consultations are in 608/K17.

  • Consultation on 25 May 2017 (Thur)

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 22 May 2017, 10:04:52 PM.

    Unfortunately I need to cut short the consultation on 25 May 2017. I will only be available for consultation during 11-11:30am for that day.

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