• Note on format, and some sample questions for final exam – sample answers attached

    Posted by Michael Bain Thursday 07 June 2018, 11:00:59 PM, last modified Tuesday 12 June 2018, 04:59:49 PM.

    The final exam will be 2 hours long, with 10 minutes reading time. UNSW-approved calculators will be allowed, but no other materials or notes will be allowed. The paper will have 6 questions, split into 2 sections. Only 4 questions should be answered, 3 from the first section and 1 from the second. Note that no more than 4 must be answered. In principle, questions may address any of the course material covered, but there will be more focus on material covered since the mid-term exam. All questions will have equal marks.

    Some sample questions are here .

    Sample answers are here .

    Corrected version now uploaded: Q 4 A) 3) "reduced" should have been "increased"

  • A few comments

    Posted by Omar Al-Ghattas Saturday 02 June 2018, 01:03:13 PM.

    1. Extensions for the assignment deadline can only be granted by the LIC, so if you have a good case for why you need one, please only contact him and not the course admins about it.

    2. If you are in a group for assignment 2, only one of the team members need submit, make sure that you state clearly the names and student IDs of all group members at the beginning of the report.

    3. If your submission exceeds 2mb: Please upload all the supplementary material such as your data etc to dropbox or google drive and provide us with a working link in your readme file, and only submit your report/readme/code (things that fit in 2mb). Please make sure that if we need to access this supplementary material that we can do so easily.

    4. Course admins will not answer technical questions over email, if you have one, please post it on the forum so that everyone can benefit. Technical/content related questions on the forum will be answered promptly.

  • Assignment 2 – example of a report from last year

    Posted by Michael Bain Friday 01 June 2018, 05:37:45 PM, last modified Friday 01 June 2018, 10:09:06 PM.

    In response to requests for more guidance on the format of a team report, please see this sample report from last year (please do not repost).

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