• Assignment – Machine Learning Project released

    Posted by Michael Bain Monday 06 July 2020, 04:02:34 PM, last modified Monday 06 July 2020, 04:03:02 PM.

    The materials for the assignment are now available near the top of the Moodle course page in a folder called "Project Assignment " .

    The specification is in the form of a slide deck and there is an accompanying video talking over these slides for some additional information. There is also a sample report.

    A separate forum will be created for this assignment on WebCMS, so please address all questions there. Also please note that approval from the course admin is only required for Topics 0 and 1 so you do not have to seek approval before getting started with any of the other topics.

  • flexibility week

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Monday 06 July 2020, 09:07:48 AM, last modified Monday 06 July 2020, 03:55:37 PM.

    Just a reminder that we are now in flexibility week, so there will be no lectures or office hours/tutorials running till next week. Forums are still monitored however so feel free to post questions as they come up

  • Homework 1 submission

    Posted by Michael Bain Tuesday 23 June 2020, 01:00:58 PM.

    Homework 1 submission via give should now be working.

    Clarification: deadline is 10:59:59 AM (Sydney time).

  • Homework 1

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Friday 19 June 2020, 04:35:52 PM.

    Is now available on Moodle - a forum has been set up on webcms (under week 3).

  • Tutorial Resources

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Tuesday 16 June 2020, 04:34:35 AM.

    Dear students

    Some of the tutors are recording their tutorials and putting them on youtube, so we thought it would be a good idea to make these available for all students as we tend to emphasise on different aspects of the material. The links to all videos can be found on moodle under the 'tutorial resources' heading at the top.

    Please also note that tutorial/lab solutions will always be released late on Friday on Moodle, I will not make an announcement about this each week.

  • Tutorial 1

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Thursday 04 June 2020, 02:18:02 PM.

    Tutorial 1 materials are now available on Moodle under Week 2, tutors will cover a mix of both theory/notebook in tutorials next week.

  • Upcoming Lecture Link on Moodle

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Thursday 04 June 2020, 12:07:13 PM.

    Dear students,

    On moodle we have posted an 'upcoming lecture' link. We will do this 10 minutes before every lecture

  • Announcements

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Tuesday 02 June 2020, 04:43:06 PM.

    Dear Students, welcome to COMP9417! I am the course admin and also one of the tutors. I wanted to take this chance to introduce you to some aspects of the course.

    1. As mentioned by Mike, we will upload all content (lecturers/labs/solutions/recordings) to Moodle. Webcms is only to be used for announcements and as a forum. I will create a forum for each week.

    2. It is essential that you only ask questions on the relevant forum (questions about lecture week 3 should not go on the week1 forum). Also, please check that the question you are asking has not already been asked before. Check the forum periodically for your own reference. I aim to respond to all forum questions quickly, so this should be your first point of reference if you have a query.

    3. Tutorials start next week. We have uploaded an introductory lab on moodle that is designed to make you more comfortable with some of the python modules that we will be using regularly throughout the course. This will not be covered by tutors in their sessions, but feel free to ask questions on the forum or during office hours if you need.

  • Welcome to COMP9417 for 2020, Term 2 (20T2).

    Posted by Michael Bain Friday 29 May 2020, 04:48:54 PM, last modified Friday 29 May 2020, 05:34:34 PM.

    Welcome to COMP9417 for 2020, Term 2 (20T2). As you will be aware, the entire course will be run online this term. This brings with it some challenges, but our objective is to make the transition to online modes of delivery work for you to make the experience as close as possible to the traditional method of delivery (and, who knows, maybe improve on it in some ways). This notice outlines how we plan to run the course.

    Owing to reasons beyond our control, course information and resources will be have to be split between two locations (sorry about that ...). The basic split will be: forums on the WebCMS page, and uploaded content on the Moodle page.

    WebCMS course page

    The Course Outline is the first stop for the overall information about how the course will be run. The course outline is on the COMP9417 20T2 WebCMS page .

    Course Forums will also be hosted on the WebCMS page . There is a general forum on the front page. Additional forums for each week will be available, plus a separate forum for the assignment (machine learning project) --- so that makes ten forums altogether, plus a forum for the project. More forums may be added if needed.

    Moodle course page

    Unless indicated otherwise, all lectures will be streamed live via Microsoft Teams Live Events at the assigned lecture times. Please ensure you have downloaded the Teams app to your device(s). A link to each live event will be emailed to the class email accounts prior to the start of each lecture.

    Lecture Time Weeks
    1 Mondays 11:00 - 13:00 Weeks:1,3-5,7-11
    2 Thursdays 12:00 - 14:00 Weeks:1-5,7-10

    All lecture streams will also be recorded and made available for download via the COMP9417 20T2 Moodle page .

    Note that Monday of Week 2 is a public holiday. That lecture will NOT be streamed live, but it will be pre-recorded and made available online. There will be a lecture on Monday of Week 11 which will be a catch-up and review lecture.

    From 2020 all UNSW terms have Week 6 assigned as "Flexibility Week", which means that there will no lectures or tutorials during that week.

    All other course content such as lecture slides, specifications for homework and assignments will be uploaded to the Moodle page .

    Tutorials will be given online. Each tutor will be available online during the times assigned for their classes. However, the method of delivery of these classes may vary between tutors. Here is the list of tutors with the times of the classes they will give and a note about the method of delivery. Please check your assigned tutorial time to see your tutor's plan for online delivery.

    Tutor Tutorial Times Plan Link
    Omar Ghattas Mon 13:00, Tue 10:00, Tue 11:00, Tue 12:00,

    Wed 10:00, Wed 11:00, Wed 12:00, Thu 10:00

    I plan to pre-record my tutorial and release it at the very start of the week. This will be available on YouTube but I will also upload an mp4 file to Moodle. The hours scheduled for my tutorials will be held as office hours for students enrolled in these tutorials. These will be held on Microsoft Teams. Youtube: to be added Microsoft Teams: to be added

    Wed 13:00, Wed 14:00, Wed 15:00, Thu 11:00, Thu 14:00, Fri 14:00, Fri 15:00

    I plan on taking live sessions so that i can interact one on one with the students. I will be recording it as well, therefore it will be available for reviewing on moodle or someplace else that is accessible for students. Microsoft Teams : TBA
    Muhammad Asif Ali

    Mon 14:00, Mon 15:00, Wed 16:00, Wed 17:00

    I do plan to release pre-recorded videos via Dropbox and I will be available for online discussion with the students during the tutorial time. For online discussion I do plan to use Microsoft Teams. Dropbox Link: TBA Microsoft Teams: TBA
    Xuefeng Li

    Tue 13:00, Tue 14:00, Tue 15:00

    I will pre-record the tutorial and release on YouTube and other websites if necessary. The scheduled hours will be used as consultation time via Microsoft Teams. Youtube: TBA Microsoft Teams: TBA
    Anant Mathur

    Mon 16:00, Mon 17:00, Thu 18:00

    I plan to pre-record my tutorial and release it at the start of the week. This will be made available via a Dropbox link. The hours scheduled for my tutorials will be held as consultation time for students enrolled in these tutorials. These will be held on Microsoft Teams. Dropbox Link: to be added Microsoft Teams: to be added
    Payal Bawa

    Tue 16:00, Tue 17:00, Thu 15:00, Thu 16:00, Thu 17:00, Fri 12:00, Fri 13:00

    I plan to take live sessions. I won't be recording. Microsoft Teams : TBA
    Andrew Lau

    Mon 18:00, Mon 19:00, Thu 19:00

    Prerecorded sessions uploaded to YouTube, available for consults during tutorial times on MS Teams. Youtube: to be added Microsoft Teams: to be added

    Some recorded material and class notes developed by individual tutors will be uploaded for the use of any student on the course.

    That's all for now. Enjoy the course!

    See you on Monday.

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