• Tutorial 1

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Thursday 04 June 2020, 02:18:02 PM.

    Tutorial 1 materials are now available on Moodle under Week 2, tutors will cover a mix of both theory/notebook in tutorials next week.

  • Upcoming Lecture Link on Moodle

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Thursday 04 June 2020, 12:07:13 PM.

    Dear students,

    On moodle we have posted an 'upcoming lecture' link. We will do this 10 minutes before every lecture

  • Announcements

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Tuesday 02 June 2020, 04:43:06 PM.

    Dear Students, welcome to COMP9417! I am the course admin and also one of the tutors. I wanted to take this chance to introduce you to some aspects of the course.

    1. As mentioned by Mike, we will upload all content (lecturers/labs/solutions/recordings) to Moodle. Webcms is only to be used for announcements and as a forum. I will create a forum for each week.

    2. It is essential that you only ask questions on the relevant forum (questions about lecture week 3 should not go on the week1 forum). Also, please check that the question you are asking has not already been asked before. Check the forum periodically for your own reference. I aim to respond to all forum questions quickly, so this should be your first point of reference if you have a query.

    3. Tutorials start next week. We have uploaded an introductory lab on moodle that is designed to make you more comfortable with some of the python modules that we will be using regularly throughout the course. This will not be covered by tutors in their sessions, but feel free to ask questions on the forum or during office hours if you need.

Upcoming Due Dates

There is nothing due!

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