• Some updates

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Monday 10 August 2020, 04:27:04 AM, last modified Monday 10 August 2020, 04:33:33 AM.

    Dear Students, I hope exam prep is going well. Please take note of the following:

    1. There are some additional exercises on Learning Theory released on Moodle. Solutions have also been released. We cannot hold tutorials this week under thew new UNSW rules so please consider these to be extra revision for the final.

    2. We will hold 6 additional office hours this week for exam prep. These are open to any student in the course and you can feel free to ask anything about tutorials/lab/lecture materials. The (Sydney) times are:

    Tuesday 11th Aug 6-8pm (Andrew): Link

    Wednesday 12th Aug 6-7pm (Andrew): Link

    Thursday 13th Aug 10am-12pm (Omar): Link

    Friday 14th Aug 10-11am (Omar): Link

    We can add more hours if it is needed. Please email us (Andrew/Omar) on the day if you have issues getting onto the Team chats.

  • Project Submission

    Posted by Omar Ghattas Monday 10 August 2020, 12:43:39 AM, last modified Monday 10 August 2020, 01:10:00 AM.

    Please note that submissions emailed to me will not be accepted.

    - you should use 'assignment' not 'proj' in give

    - if your file exceeds the size limit, you need to submit a link to a google drive/dropbox/private repo in your give submission. I have stated this multiple times on the forum and it was included in the spec.

    - give might require you to submit a pdf and a tgz file, if you are opting for the external drive approach, you might need to submit a dummy tgz file to satisfy the requirements.

    - kaggle competition datasets do not need to be included in submissions.

    - submissions that are slightly late (a few hours) will not be penalized

    Again, emailed submissions will not be marked, go back and follow the instructions to submit via give.

  • COMP9417 Week 11 - No Lecture

    Posted by Michael Bain Sunday 09 August 2020, 11:42:34 PM.

    Reminder – there is no lecture on Monday of Week 11. The UNSW timetable has a scheduled lecture as a substitute for the lecture slot of Monday of Week 2 which was a public holiday. However, we recorded and released a lecture on the Monday of Week 2 to enable us to keep the lectures and tutorials synchronised. So we have completed all lectures, with the last lecture on Thursday of Week 10. All lecture recordings are available via the Echo link.

  • COMP9417 Final Exam

    Posted by Michael Bain Thursday 06 August 2020, 05:41:08 PM, last modified Thursday 06 August 2020, 06:09:17 PM.

    This notice reiterates and extends the information in Omar's earlier post about the sample exam and includes information from UNSW's Exams Unit.


    The exam this term will be a "Home Exam" of 24 hours duration. That is, it will be a formal exam taken at home within a scheduled 24-hour period. In designing the exam we have tried to capture aspects of both a "real" written exam, as well as a practical assignment, to provide as fair an assessment of the course material as possible in the current conditions.


    The date of the exam is Monday 17th August .

    The start time of the exam is 09:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) .

    The duration of the exam will be 24 hours .

    These details are available on myUNSW.


    As soon as possible, please read all of this notice carefully and post any questions in the final exam forum. Make sure you:

    • know where to find the exam download link on the course Moodle page
    • know where to find the final exam forum on the course WebCMS page
      • this will be used to answer questions before and during the exam
    • have successfully tested the method you will used to create your PDF submission file
    • know how to submit via give


    The exam materials download link will be at the top of the Moodle course page under the heading "Final Exam Materials". Make sure you are familiar with this location before the exam start time. The materials will be available at this link from the exam start time and for the duration of the exam.

    Submission of your solutions will be upload via give. You can submit at any time after the start time for the duration of the exam. Multiple submissions will be allowed. You should do a trial submission well before the deadline to test that your actual submission can be accepted. Late submissions, i.e., after the duration of the exam is completed, will receive a mark of zero.


    Since this is an "open-book" book exam you should plan to allow more time to complete it than a standard 2-hour "in-person" exam. However, it is hard to be specific about the time you will need. As a very rough guideline, you could expect to require the time allocated for an online exam session this term, which is 5 hours. However, this exam in parts will be more difficult than the sample exam, so you may find you need more time. Of course, you may need less time than this. Lastly, you should factor in time for breaks, meals, etc.


    The questions will be a mix of short answer and problem-solving. There will not be any multiple-choice questions (MCQs). All questions should be answered. You will be required to write and submit working code to answer some of the questions.


    Detailed instructions on how you should complete each question will be in the paper. Refer to the sample exam for examples on how to do this. The exam is "open-book". This means you are free to access lecture notes, tutorials, labs, books, and Internet resources. However, DISCUSSING THE EXAM WITH OTHER PERSONS, INCLUDING OTHER STUDENTS, IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE AND POTENTIAL FURTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION . Note that .py submissions will be passed through a plagiarism checker.

    The written part of the exam will be marked by humans. Therefore it is essential that your answers are clearly written and on point. As in a traditional written exam you must show your working for all questions .You will receive no marks for just having the final answer in a computation question.

    It is up to you how to prepare the PDF file with all your written answers that you will submit. One approach would be to take (very clear) pictures of your working on paper, and paste into a Word doc then save as PDF. Another could be to use a text editor to write a LaTeX file and render it to PDF. You should also ensure that when captured as PDF the answers remain clear. No marks will be given for answers that are illegible (impossible to read by markers). It is strongly recommended that you do a trial run of this process before the day of the exam, for example by preparing a PDF of your written answers to the sample exam.

    Note that the final exam will require more coding than the sample exam. For an example of this type of question, see Question 6 in the sample exam.


    The final exam forum will be actively monitored by course staff from the start time for the duration of the exam. If you require clarification on a question or if there are technical issues then please ask your question there or notify course staff. Do not email questions to the course staff .

    DO NOT POST SOLUTIONS, OR QUESTIONS ABOUT SOLUTIONS, OR REQUESTS FOR HELP WITH SOLUTIONS, ON THE FORUM . Anyone found doing so will have their posts deleted and strong disciplinary action will be taken.

    If during the course of the exam you think there may be an error in the exam paper please post on the forum as accurate a description as possible of the issue. The course staff monitoring the forum will address the issue. If an error is found the course staff will post the appropriate corrections on the forum, so please check there first if you find an error before posting yourself.


    By sitting or submitting an assessment on the scheduled assessment date, you are declaring that you are fit to do so and cannot later apply for Special Consideration. If, during an exam you feel unwell to the point that you cannot continue with the exam, you should take the following steps:

    1. Stop working on the exam and take note of the time
    2. Make contact immediately with the course staff via the forum and advise them that you are unwell
    3. Immediately submit a Special Consideration application saying that you felt ill during the exam and were unable to continue
    4. If you were able to advise the course staff of the illness during the assessment, attach screenshots of this conversation to the Special Consideration application


    If you experience a technical issue during the exam, you should take the following steps:

    1. Take screenshots of as many of the following as possible:
      • error messages
      • timestamped speed tests
      • screen not loading
      • power outage maps
    2. Contact should be made immediately wth the course staff on the forum to advise them of the issue.
    3. A Special Consideration application should be submitted immediately after the conclusion of the exam, along with the appropriate screenshots.


    Once you have answered all the questions your submission will consist of a PDF file with all your written answers plus a Python file with the program code you have written.

    The command to submit will be:

    give cs9417 exam answers.pdf

    You can submit either via the web interface to give, or by logging in to CSE servers, copying your submission files to your home directory, and running give at the command-line.

    Give submission will be available from the exam start time and for the duration of the exam.


    Note that any applications for Special Consideration must follow the standard university procedure, and not go to the course staff.

  • Homework 2 - 24 hour extension

    Posted by Michael Bain Thursday 06 August 2020, 10:41:39 AM.

    Hi all – due to the number of issues raised on the forum there will be a 24 hour extension so we can help resolve them. New deadline is:

    Fri 7 August 11:59:59



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