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    Posted by Gustavo Batista Wednesday 18 December 2019, 11:07:29 AM.

    Hi all,

    some details about the marks available in SMS and Astra. SMS is the system maintained by CSE. Astra is a university wise system, and the results are available through MyUNSW.

    Since Astra and SMS differ how the partial marks are scaled, I will exemplify with Astra. The final marks are the same in both systems.

    In Astra, the three components: assignments average, quizzes average and exam are numbers in the range 0-100. The final mark is a weighted average of these parts.

    1. Quizzes. The quizzes were designed to be marked differently compared to how WebCMS3 does. The multiple-choice and multiple-correct-options questions were supposed to be worth one mark per option. Therefore, the student would receive one mark for identifying if each option is true or false. Unfortunately, WebCMS does a different computation, and we had to recompute the marks in a spreadsheet. As discussed, we considered one mark for Quiz 2 - Question 6 - Option c, Quiz 3 - Question 7 - Option c and Quiz 4 - Question 4 - Option d independent of the student answer. We scaled each quiz to the range 0-100 and computed an unweighted average of the four quizzes.
    2. Assignments. We scaled each assignment to the range 0-100 and computed an unweighted average of them.
    3. Exam. The exam marks were scaled up, so the highest mark of 84/100 became equal to 100.

    Finally, we computed the final weighted average considering 0.6 for the exam, 0.1 for the quizzes and 0.3 for the assignments.

    If you received a W withheld grade, this means that you did not pass the course, but you have been granted a supplementary exam. In this case, you will be advised by the school of time and location of the supplementary exam. The format of the final exam and conditions is the same as for the original final.


  • Check your ass1 and ass2 marks to be sure they are entered correctly

    Posted by Armin Chitizadeh Saturday 14 December 2019, 09:02:00 AM.

    Hi all,

    I went through the marks for ass1 and ass2 which were entered wrongly into the system.
    Now all ass1 and ass2 marks should be entered correctly. Can you all check it and see if there is any problem. If there is a problem please email me asap.

    Use this command to check:

    9418 classrun 19T3 -sturec

    Kind regards,

  • Exam part 3 is worth 20 marks

    Posted by Gustavo Batista Wednesday 11 December 2019, 08:03:07 PM.

    Exam part 3 is work 20 marks total, 10 marks each question.


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