• Project Marks Released

    Posted by Annette Spooner Wednesday 18 December 2019, 01:36:37 PM.

    The total marks for the individual and group components of the project , as well as comments, have been released. You can access your marks by logging in to your account and typing:

    9517 classrun -sturec

    The WebCMS3 system updates overnight so you may not be able to access the marks through WebCMS3 until tomorrow. To see your marks on WebCMS3:

    • Select Timetable
    • Select 1PGA or 1UGA (postgraduate/undergraduate)
    • Select the “marks” icon (similar to a bar chart) against your name.

    PLEASE NOTE: no emails regarding marks will be answered until after the holiday period.

  • Reminder - Exam Consultations this week

    Posted by Annette Spooner Monday 25 November 2019, 10:11:17 AM.

    The exam for COMP9517 is this Friday at 8:45am. If you have any questions about material covered in the course the lecturers and tutors are available for consultation this week at the times specified on the course website under Consultations. More times have been opened up, so please check the timetable. They are there to help you, so please make use of this time.

  • Reminder on myExperience Survey

    Posted by Arcot Sowmya Thursday 21 November 2019, 09:51:55 AM.

    Dear students, this is a reminder to fill in the myExperience survey for COMP9517 if you have not already done so- you can use the week 10 lecture hour to fill it in.

    • This is your chance to tell us about your experience of learning and teaching of COMP9517 Computer Vision
    • The survey is confidential and teaching staff do not know your identity.
    • Survey reports are not released until rsults have been officially published - your feedback cannot have an impact on the results.
    • Your feedback matters - the only way we can improve what we do, or to keep doing the good things we do, is by knowing what you think.

    You can login on your laptop, tablet or phone and:

    The link in Moodle will take you directly to the survey without needing to login.

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