• Project Marks Released

    Posted by Annette Spooner Friday 28 August 2020, 12:58:28 PM.

    The marks for the Group Project have been released. All marks for T2 must be finalised by 5pm today, so if you have any concerns please let us know quickly. You can access your marks by logging in to your account and typing:

    9517 classrun -sturec

    The WebCMS3 system updates overnight so you may not be able to access the marks through WebCMS3 until tomorrow. To see your marks on WebCMS3:

    • Select Timetable
    • Select 1PGA or 1UGA (postgraduate/undergraduate)
    • Select the “marks” icon (similar to a bar chart) against your name.

  • Final Exam Instructions

    Posted by Annette Spooner Tuesday 18 August 2020, 08:23:46 PM.

    The final exam will be available on Moodle from 9am on Thursday 20th August to 9am on Friday 21st August , via the link Final Exam Paper . To format your answer, please use the template available via the link Final Exam - Template .

    Your exam answer should be submitted using the link Final Exam - Submission via Turnitin . Do not use the file upload box within the Moodle quiz. You will be allowed unlimited submissions up to the due date. Your similarity score will be visible, but after the third submission it will not be recalculated until after the exam finishes.

    If you have any questions about the exam paper you may email . The LIC will be online from 9am to 6pm on Thursday 20th August to answer questions. Instructions on what to do in the event of technical issues or illness during the exam are included at the start of the exam paper.

  • Lab 5 and Total Lab Marks Released

    Posted by Annette Spooner Thursday 13 August 2020, 03:34:57 PM.

    The marks for Lab 5 have been released, along with any penalty applied if there was a high similarity score on Turnitin. The total lab mark has also been released. Note that the total includes any penalties applied for late submission of labs, so it may be lower than the sum of the individual marks.

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