• Supplementary Exam Instructions

    Posted by Erik Meijering Sunday 09 January 2022, 01:23:46 PM.

    Dear Students,

    The supplementary exam will be available on Moodle from 8 AM on Tuesday 11 January 2022 to 8 AM on Wednesday 12 January 2022 via the link Supplementary Exam Paper within the Supplementary Exam section of COMP9517 21T3 on Moodle. In other words, you have 24 hours from the time the exam paper is released until the final submission deadline. Please notice the deadline is hard and late submissions will not be accepted .

    You must use one of the templates provided in the Supplementary Exam section on Moodle to write your exam report. Your exam report must be submitted using the link Supplementary Exam Submission (via Turnitin) . Do not use the file upload box within the Moodle quiz. You will be allowed unlimited submissions up to the deadline. Your similarity score will be shown, but after the third submission it will not be recalculated until after the exam finishes.

    If you have any questions about the exam during the day , you may email them to . We will answer any questions as soon as possible. Please USE EMAIL ONLY sent to the above email address.

    Instructions on what to do in the event of technical issues or illness during the exam are included at the start of the exam paper.

    We wish you good luck with the supplementary exam!

    The COMP9517 21T3 Team

  • Supplementary Exam on 11 January 2022

    Posted by Erik Meijering Monday 13 December 2021, 10:14:56 AM.

    Dear Students,

    To those of you whom it may concern:

    The COMP9517 Supplementary Exam will be on 11 January 2022 starting 8:00 AM, with final submission deadline 8:00 AM on 12 January 2022.

    This exam will have the exact same format as the exam of 30 November 2021, except (of course) the scientific paper to comment on will be different.

    For details, see previous exam announcements, sample materials under Course Work > Assessments > Exam, and any questions and answers on the Moodle Q/A Forum.

    Best wishes,

  • Extending project team contributions review

    Posted by Alfred Krzywicki Tuesday 30 November 2021, 10:01:03 PM, last modified Tuesday 30 November 2021, 10:03:07 PM.

    Following many requests, we extended the project team contribution review in Moodle until Sunday 5 December 23:55 Sydney time. This is the final deadline for those who want to make the review, as we need to finalise all project report marking soon.

    To clarify, the primary source of the team member contributions is the statement included in the project report. The entry in Moodle is optional and is provided in case some team members may want to make an additional review of their project team.

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