• Slides for the today lecture

    Posted by Raymond Wong Tuesday 17 October 2017, 06:42:12 PM.

    Hi, in case you didn't notice, you can download the slides for the lecture today from the Week13 Lecture's download link.

    Also, please don't forget to leave us some feedback from MyExperience. Thank you.

  • Demo and Submission of Your Project

    Posted by Raymond Wong Monday 09 October 2017, 07:27:54 PM.

    As mentioned by your tutor in the previous lab, the final demonstration of your project will take place during the lab in Week 12, and the submissions will also be due by Friday night of Week 12.

    I have uploaded an extended version of the previous assessment summary as downloadable PDF from Lecture 12 (you can go to Lecture 12 and click to read it). It contains more details on the demo and what you need to submit. It also includes some marking guidelines.

    Deadline: Friday 20th October 23:59 . This is the deadline for all the submissions (i.e., report, project and your peer ratings). Late submission may attract penalty. Please liaise with your tutor or the lecturer in advance, if your group has problem to meet this deadline.

    One member of your group should submit the report (in PDF) and the source code (in zip or tgz format with a makefile and a readme file inside, up to 50MB in size) using the give command. If your project source is larger than 50MB, please make a special arrangement with your tutor or the lecturer. Your project should be compiled and built successfully by running make, and any installation, setup, build or config information should be included in a readme.txt file there.

    The project source should be self-contained. That is, if your project uses any external libraries or software tools that are not available in CSE machines, please include them in your zip or tgz submission. Optionally, each group member may submit a peers.txt file as described in the PDF mentioned above.

    The give submission specification is as follows:

    give cs9900 report report.pdf

    give cs9900 project OR give cs9900 project project.tgz

    give cs9900 peers peers.txt

    Please note that there will be a lecture after the lab in Week 12. I'll answer any questions that you may have regarding the final submissions above (esp. peers.txt - I expect that there will be some questions regarding peer assessment).

  • Proposal due tomorrow night

    Posted by Raymond Wong Thursday 17 August 2017, 06:54:19 PM.

    Please note that the project proposal is due tomorrow night (23:59, Aug 18, 2017). It is sufficient that one member submits the proposal on behalf of team. If we receive more than one submission from the same team, we will arbitrarily pick one to mark.

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