• Assignment 2 Marks, Art Gallery Winners and Final ClassMark

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Monday 08 April 2019, 10:36:55 AM.

    Assignment 2 has been marked. You can collect your assignment, see your marks and read the feedback from the marker here

    View Submission

    You should also check your ClassMark in ViewMarks . This is a mark out of 50 that includes all of the assessment in the course we have done during the term. Email me ASAP if you think there are any issues.

    Congratulations to Frankie Willis, Steve Shi and Vasavi Garg for coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Art Gallery Voting for Assignment 2 Bonus.

  • Exam Consultation

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Wednesday 03 April 2019, 02:54:37 PM.

    There will be a pre-exam consultation on

    Monday 10am-12

    Location: E202

    There is no consultation on from 2:30-4:30.

  • Recursion

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Tuesday 02 April 2019, 12:50:10 PM.

    I have had a few questions about whether you need to know recursion for the exam.

    There could be questions on recursion in the theory section, or q8 in the practical part.

    You can also use recursion to answer other questions in the prac exam if you want to. But you don't have too.

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