• Education project for ENGG1811: Volunteers needed!

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Tuesday 06 December 2016, 11:02:46 PM.

    Dear ENGG1811 Students,

    I mentioned to you earlier that I was looking for volunteers for an education project for ENGG1811. I am writing to give you more details.

    I see that solving problem with coding as an important skill that all engineers should know. My vision is to create a video collection that future generations of ENGG1811 students can benefit from. The video collection will consist of two types of videos:

    • Motivational videos: Have you ever used coding to solve an engineering problem, say in your internship? Do you know some working engineers who use coding to solve problems in their work? If you do, you (or in a team) can consider creating a short video to talk about how you use coding to solve an engineering problem or you can interview some working engineers so that they can tell their stories. I want to use these videos to motivate the future students to learn coding.
    • Education videos: Film yourself (or work in teams) explaining a basic concept. Here are some useful examples:

    If you are interested to volunteer, please email me and we can discuss further. Short videos (a few minutes) should do the work. If you do produce a video, I am certain that future ENGG1811 students will appreciate your effort and generosity. It will also be an excellent selling point to your further employer.

    Note that this is an open invitation. You can start working on it now or over the summer. You can come back to me later on while you’re still at uni or at work.

    I look forward to seeing the great ideas and solutions that you come up with. Thanks again for your help.

    Chun Tung Chou

  • Viewing exam papers (Monday 28 Nov)

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Sunday 27 November 2016, 09:13:43 PM.

    If you would like to view your ENGG1811 exam paper without an appointment, you can come to my office (608/K17) between 2:30-3:15pm on Monday 28 Nov.

  • Provisional results available

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Thursday 24 November 2016, 02:50:04 PM, last modified Thursday 24 November 2016, 06:50:18 PM.

    You can now check your exam results and overall result for the course using the "View Marks" link on the left. The exam marks are in the fields examA (for Section A, multiple choice), examB1 (for Question B1), exam B2 (for Question B2), examC1, examC2 and examC3. The overall result for the course is in the field final. If your overall result is 50 or more, you have passed the course.

    Note that I've applied scaling to the exam results. What you see in the above-mentioned fields are the unscaled results.

    I will make some time available next week so that you can come and view your exam paper without an appointment. I will put the time on the website once I know.

    I have an education project on ENGG1811 that I am looking for some volunteers. I will email you again on this next week.

    I hope you enjoyed ENGG1811 and will find it useful in the future. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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