• Week 6 (Flexible week): Three Help Sessions, No lectures, tutorials and labs

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Friday 03 July 2020, 10:44:55 AM.

    Please note that we are offering three Help Sessions during Week 6 :

    Week 6
    Help Sessions
    Tuesday (07 July)
    12pm - 2pm

    Xiyue, Zac
    Thursday (9 July)
    6pm - 8pm

    Xiyue, Danyon
    Friday (10 July)
    12pm - 2pm

    Xiyue, Bilal

    Just to confirm that there are no lectures and labs during Week 6 (Flexible week).

  • Virtual Lab 1: Spreadsheets

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 02 July 2020, 01:25:04 PM.

    Virtual Lab 1 on Spreadsheets is now available. You need to complete the required tasks and submit it by 5pm Tuesday 14 July 2020.

  • Week-05 Assessment

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Wednesday 24 June 2020, 05:51:11 PM.

    Your tutor will inform you regarding your time slot (during your week05 lab time) for one-to-one interactive session to ask you specific questions and award you marks. You will be asked questions on the topics covered prior to week-05. Interactive sessions will be on Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborator and will be recorded for future reference.

    You will be asked two questions on the topics related to (and not the same as) the two sample questions available below. You will be allowed 3 mins to answer each question, so total of 6 mins per student. If you prefer, you can use more than 3 mins to answer your first question, however your total time should not go beyond 6 mins. Two sample questions are available below. Please note that you must briefly justify your answers. Based on your justifications and answers, your tutor will award you marks. You don't need to offer long answers, as far as you convey your logic correctly and your tutor understands it, that's fine.

    Week-05 Assessment: Sample Questions

    Important : You need to answer questions in a specified time period. If you cannot answer questions, or don't show up at the allocated time on the required platform (Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborator) as specified, you will receive zero mark for that lab assessment.

    All the best for your Week-05 assessment.

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