• Final notice

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Wednesday 13 December 2023, 09:06:42 AM.

    Final examination: the examination has been marked and the results submitted to the school. It is not possible to get feedback on how you did in the examination (marks cannot be collected).

    Final marks: the final marks have been uploaded to UNSW's ASTRA system. A total of 116 students have currently passed the course. The mark distribution is HD 21 students, DN 27, CR 25 and PS 43. The top 2 students received 96 marks.

    Supplementary examination: students who have been granted Special Consideration will be allowed to sit for the supplementary examination to be held in O-week in early February. It will be a lab-based examination as described in the document Examination Description and Environment on the Exam link. The precise day, time of day and the place will be announced closer to the date. There is no online supplementary examination.

    The course forum will be lightly attended over the summer break by myself.

    If you found Dafny rewarding and you achieved a high mark, the Trustworthy Systems group ( ) here at UNSW has various research projects that may interest you. Send me an email and I will provide you with a contact.

    This is a sign-off from both myself and Stephen. We have enjoyed presenting the course very much and we wish you every success in your further studies.


  • Final Exam Tomorrow

    Posted by Stephen Chuang Monday 04 December 2023, 12:38:53 PM.

    The final exam will be tomorrow afternoon. It is essential that you have read the Exam Description and Environment document under the 'Exam' section of the course website by now.

    Make sure you arrive on time and allocate your time well. Don't spend too long on a single question.

    For those who have applied for Special Consideration and have been granted a supplementary exam, these will be held in early February. You must be able to attend the supp, as there will be no online exams.

    There is a hurdle for the final exam that will vary based on the difficulty. If you do not clear the hurdle, your exam mark will be set to zero.

    Good luck.

  • Assignment 2 Solutions and Results + Exam Reminder

    Posted by Stephen Chuang Saturday 02 December 2023, 04:43:14 PM.

    Assignment 2 solutions are now available under the 'Assignments' section, and your assignment 2 marks should now be available.

    The course forum has a Marking Queries category for assignment 2. You may use this category for questions about assignment 2 marking, but your priorities should be on the final exam. Once that is out of the way, you can raise any issues.

    The highest mark was 60, and the mark distribution is as follows:

    Mark Range Number of Students
    0 - 19 18
    20 - 29 36
    30 - 39 30
    40 - 49 26
    50 - 60 42

    You should now know your pre-exam mark out of 50, with the final exam making up the remaining 50% of your course grade. See the Real Course Outline for how much each assessment contributes towards the course grade.

    Make sure you have read the Examination Description and Environment document, and the UNSW Check List under the 'Exam' section of the course website. These contain vital information about the final exam on Tuesday 5 November.

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