• Assignment 1

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Sunday 24 September 2023, 01:09:37 PM.

    Assignment 1 has been released, and can be found under the Assignments button on the home page. There are 6 exercises, the last 3 of which involve Dafny programming. You should know enough Dafny to do these exercises by the end of week 3.

    The submission process will be opened by week 4. The due date can be found on the assignment and the Course Schedule. Remember you can talk to me after the lecture on Fridays, and you can use the forum to ask questions, privately with just Stephen and myself, or shared publicly.

    Best of luck.

  • End of Week 2 Notice

    Posted by Stephen Chuang Friday 22 September 2023, 02:36:10 PM.

    Week 2 lecture slides have been released, along with two videos and a few more exercises under the 'Practice and Play' section. Solutions for these exercises will be released next week.

    You should now be able to answer all questions in quiz 1, which is due 9 p.m. Tuesday week 3 (26 September) . Remember that late submissions are not accepted, and only your latest submission will be marked.

  • Week 1 lecture slides

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Saturday 16 September 2023, 04:52:07 AM.

    Week 1 lecture slides have been released. There has been some editing of the Hoare-Logic lecture slides. In the week 2 lecture, I will go over the last Hoare-Logic example (the quotient-remainder division program) again.

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