• [Week 10] Project progress report results, this week's presentation and myexperience

    Posted by Wen Hu Tuesday 19 April 2022, 01:50:35 PM.

    • Project progress report result is available in webcms and give.
    • We will have another talk by a SEN3993 student at 9am, this thursdays. The details can be found in the Team channel.
    • The myExperience survey is now open. Please enter your feedback for us to improve the quality of the course.

  • [Week 7] A gentle reminder that the progress report will be due on this Sunday

    Posted by Wen Hu Wednesday 30 March 2022, 11:29:58 AM, last modified Wednesday 30 March 2022, 11:33:18 AM.

    Please see this link for the details. There are some discussions in the Team channel on this. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • [Week 4] Marks for project proposal, marking rubric for project progress and fornightly catchup

    Posted by Wen Hu Wednesday 09 March 2022, 09:56:15 AM.

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