• About demonstration and report

    Posted by Madhushi Bandara Wednesday 22 April 2020, 09:59:42 AM, last modified Wednesday 22 April 2020, 10:00:02 AM.

    We will have the final project demonstrations on Monday.

    • The schedule is the same as in Week 8, we are using the same sessions formed in Microsoft Teams.
    • Marking schema is also same as week 8, but we expect them to present a well-developed application and no slide shows unless absolutely necessary.
    • Shortlisted teams for the Optiver prize will be notified soon after. Those teams will have one week to prepare a video (10 min), presenting your demo. There is no need for special preparations and you can even redo and record the same presentation you prepare for Monday.

    Regarding the final report and Github repository.

    • Deadline for the final report is Friday Week 11 5 p.m.
    • What is required for the report are provided in Week 8 lectures.
    • After this deadline, mentors will do a Github code inspection to make sure the repository reflects what students mentioned in the report- features/architecture and technology stack.
    • Make sure your Guthub readme files contain clear description of code structure and components
    • Make sure to include any concerns you have about the unequal contribution of your team members at the end of your report or contact your mentor about it.

  • No mentoring session tomorrow

    Posted by Madhushi Bandara Sunday 12 April 2020, 06:05:42 PM.

    There will be no mentoring sessions tomorrow as it is Easter Monday.

  • Clarification on week 8 presentation scope

    Posted by Madhushi Bandara Monday 30 March 2020, 03:41:21 PM.

    Please consider this only as a guideline:

    We expect you to present the Phase 2 web application's theme (expected users, problem you plan to address), technical design and demonstrate the progress you made so far.

    Related to the technical architecture, you can use 1 or 2 slides to introduce what data sources they use, how components are arranged.

    For the application, we were expecting the initial/basic version of the app- some frontend with hard coded data is fine. It is okay if the pages are not integrated well.

    If you have implemented some backend components you can mention them as well. It is recommended to prioritise the front end because it will be easier to demonstrate and help you to arrange a better narrative.

    For groups that may not be able to make sufficient progress in coding the front-end, you can use wireframes/ GUI designs generated using a prototyping tool to communicate the project idea.

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