• A Belated Farewell 🫶

    Posted by Nick Patrikeos 🐾 Wednesday 07 June 2023, 08:04:57 AM.

    Hi everyone,

    This message comes a bit late... I hope you all had an amazing holiday and enjoyable start to Term 2.

    This is just a small message to wrap the course up, I meant to send it over the holidays but was away.

    Feedback ⚓

    Thank you so, so much for your feedback in myExperience! As we said many times we rewrote everything from scratch and every single piece of feedback has been invaluable in helping us reflect and improve things.

    If you could spare just a few more minutes to give us some feedback on the toolchains, that'd be fantastic:

    Survey on SENG3011 Toolchains (AWS, Atlassian, NewRelic, GitHub)

    This feedback will go directly to the industry sponsors who provided us with these tools to help them improve their products.

    Honour Roll 📜

    Firstly, congratulations to H16A_ZULU on taking out the Optiver prize and T09A_ALPHA on a close second place!

    Secondly - congratulations to the top six performing students in the course, in order:

    • He, Michael
    • Yang, Erlina
    • Kan, Grace
    • Zhong, Richard
    • Toh, Chloe
    • Rehn, Colby

    Gratitude 💙

    Fethi and I firstly would like to thank your INCREDIBLE mentors for carrying this course and supporting you in your learning journey - Chinmay, Manpreet, Jasper, Natalie and Alan. A further massive thank you to Chinmay and Webster, our course admins who made the colossal AWS environment possible for you all as well as Alan and his research team for providing the course case study. Thanks also to Chris, who we have to thank for giving us the Atlassian toolchain and Flagbase.

    And most importantly - thank you to all of you! Many of you I've had the pleasure of teaching in a number of courses over the last few years like COMP1531, COMP2511 and SENG2021. You are an amazing bunch of people - please do stay in touch, you can always email at or or add us on LinkedIn.

    All the very best. 🌈

  • Sprint 3 + Final Portfolio Marks Released

    Posted by Nick Patrikeos 🐾 Friday 12 May 2023, 03:58:23 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    The following is now available in sturec:

    • Your Sprint 3 mark
    • Your final project mark
    • Your final portfolio mark
    • Your final course mark

    If you think there is a mistake in any marks you must follow this up by 5pm tomorrow .

    Please post on the forum for all mark queries . Don't email your mentor for this one.

    Well done on making it to the finish line!

  • Optiver Prize Shortlist

    Posted by Nick Patrikeos 🐾 Tuesday 09 May 2023, 07:44:52 AM.

    Congratulations to the following teams who have been nominated for the Optiver Prize Shortlist for your Shark Tank presentations!


    The event will run from 2pm-4pm on Wednesday, 17th May at the Optiver office (39 Hunter Street, Wynyard). Teams will need to deliver an updated version of their Shark Tank presentation - I'll send further information via email later today.

    Lots of tough decisions we had to make and many teams that just missed out - a big well done to all.

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