• Feature Flagging with Flagbase

    Posted by Nick Patrikeos 🐾 Tuesday 21 March 2023, 01:39:23 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Chris has very kindly set us up a Flagbase instance that you can use for providing feature flags in your code.

    Here is a guide on Confluence to get you started. You'll be able to access your feature flags via the flagbase client .

    In order to get access to flagbase you must fill out this form (one person per team) by Friday 5pm this week. We'll provision access over the weekend and let you know once you can use the instance. This should give you a few days to setup flags and implement your Delivery Strategy for Sprint 2.

    Here is a link to the form .

    Chris is available to give support if you would like to setup a consultation, or you can get async help via the course forum.

    You're also welcome to use your own feature flag provider (e.g. LaunchDarkly) if you don't wish to work within the constraints of course-supported infrastructure, but we can't guarantee help for this.

  • End of Week 5 Updates πŸͺ«

    Posted by Nick Patrikeos 🐾 Sunday 19 March 2023, 08:41:10 AM.

    Hi everyone,

    Congratulations!! We're officially halfway through the course!!! It was awesome to watch your Demo or Die presentations - the standard was very high in your engagement, professionalism and technical prowess. Well done on all your efforts so far.

    A few minor announcements from us.

    Draft Portfolio πŸ“š

    Remember to send your draft portfolio to your peer for feedback and give your peer feedback in a timely manner. One of the things we're assessing you on is your Time Management, and in the final portfolio you'll need to show evidence of submitting and reviewing the draft (a few days late is OK since it's 0%, but not more than a week).

    Sprint 2 ⚑

    Sprint 2 is due at the end of Week 7 - so you have just under two weeks to complete it. This Sprint we've taken off the training wheels to let you explore the new tech on your own; I'd advise having people in your team start researching into NewRelic and Flagbase now to familiarise yourself with the frameworks.

    We're still here to support you - the forum is open, and you can setup a consultation with Chris online or with myself in person, if you want to pair on a tough problem that you and your team can't solve together. These sessions aren't help sessions - we are probably as in the dark as you are, and are just a second pair of eyes :) In the first instance work as a team and help each other.

    Sprint 1 Marks βœ…

    Your mentors are currently in the process of marking Sprint 1. We will return your marks to you by Friday of Week 6 , as well as feedback on your engineering documents and designs.

    That's it. Have a wonderful recharge week, get the batteries back to 100% and we will be back in Week 7!

  • End of Week 4 Updates 🌱

    Posted by Nick Patrikeos 🐾 Friday 10 March 2023, 09:21:25 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Congratulations on wrapping up Sprint 1. You've gone from 0 to an MVP in just under four weeks which is an awesome feat. It's been fantastic seeing you all dive into Terraform, AWS and the wonderful world of microservices. Some important info about the course to come, so read carefully.

    A big big thanks to our awesome AWS admins Chinmay and especially Webster for their help setting up your environment and supporting you on the forum!

    Week 5 Demo or Die πŸͺ“

    I tell a lie πŸ™ˆ Sprint 1's not quite finished... next week we have your Demo or Die presentations. All the information about this part of the assessment in the spec, but to reiterate three important points:

    • All team members need to be a part of the presentation in some way – please email the class account ( and apply for Special Consideration if you cannot be present at your demonstration for whatever reason;
    • Teams should be present for all other groups' presentations in their class . If you cannot attend part or any of the class, please email your mentor prior to the presentations. If you do not attend other groups’ presentations you may be marked down – listening and learning from others is just as important as presenting yourself.
    • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse . Spend some time preparing for your presentation as we are assessing your ability to present, articulate and convince as well as the content of your demo.

    Portfolios πŸŽ“

    Next week your draft portfolio is due on Friday - which is worth 0%! It's just a chance to get some formative peer feedback to help you for the final submission at the end of term. You only need to cover what you've done so far in the course. Your mentor will contact you later this week with your peer who you'll need to send your portfolio to.

    This year you don't need to make a PDF for the portfolio, it's just on a Confluence page in your personal space.

    Sprint 2 πŸ₯ˆ

    I've released the Sprint 2 spec on this page - still finalising a couple of things, it'll be updated with complete details by Monday morning.

    Week 5 Lectures 🐢

    Week 5 is Leadership Week! On Thursday we have two very exciting guest lectures:

    • Individual Behaviour by Hayden Smith
    • Culture by Nick Maesepp , an Engineering Manager at Atlassian

    I'll also go over the Sprint 2 spec.

    Feedback 🫢

    We love feedback! If you have any feedback for us please fill out this form . We're looking to see if non-SENG students would be interested in an elective with content similar to this course, so any feedback is super helpful for the future!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

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