IMPORTANT NOTE: the information in this page applies to students who are starting their thesis in S1, 2016 onwards.

In line with Faculty changes to thesis management and assessment policies, we are introducing a new thesis assessment scheme.

For Thesis A, the seminar presentation and report are graded. The marking criteria are listed below. Until the CSE marking system can properly accommodate the changes, we ask the supervisors/assessors to consider the criteria and provide a single grade in the end.


The method improves the simplicity, consistency and reliability of assessment. We define a small set of assessment criteria. Markers award a grade , not a mark, for each criterion, and supply a comment to justify the grade. The final mark is computed by the system by mapping each grade to a mark and computing a weighted-sum of the individual criterion marks. The process of assessing reports is intended to be analogous to the process of reviewing papers for journals/conferences (but, of course, the criteria/standards are different since we're dealing with 4th-year theses).

Deliverables and Assessment

An overview of the assessment items are described below.

Thesis Part A (see Marking Criteria and Grades )

  • Thesis Seminar Presentation (during Week 7) (30%): Make a 30 minute presentation about the Thesis A topic and the plan
  • Thesis A Written Report (Week 12) (70%)
  • Thesis Seminar Attendance Sheet (during Week 7): Students must attend 4 (four) seminar presentations of other Thesis A students. When presented, please sign the attendance sheet for the students who attended your student's presentation session. There is no mark attached to this item, but it is a requirement for passing Thesis A.

Thesis A is marked out of 10 and contributes 10% towards the final mark for Thesis Part B.

Thesis Part B

  • Thesis Demonstration/Presentation (During Week 11) (20%): Make a 30 minute presentation about the final outcome of the thesis. This could be a demonstration of the system built, or a presentation of theoretical work.
  • Final Thesis Report (Week 13) (80%)
  • Thesis Summary/Abstract (Week 13): Along with the report, students are required to submit 150-word summary of the thesis. This summary is going to be published in the CSE Thesis Digital Archive.

Note: The final Thesis Report is often called simply "The Thesis"

The mark for Thesis Part B is determined by taking an average of the marks awarded by the supervisor and the assessor for the demo and report components. It is worth 90% of the final mark (Part A is worth 10%).


The following grades apply to all of the criteria mentioned below. The descriptions of the levels of achievment may need to be adapated for some criteria.

  • absolutely top-quality work, best I've seen
  • publishable in good conference with little change
  • corresponds to a very high HD (>95%)
  • would be awarded rarely (maybe once per year)
  • excellent work, does everything required
  • results are good, could be published with some re-working
  • corresponds to a solid HD
  • good quality work, but with some minor deficiencies
  • would need substantially more work to be publishable
  • corresponds to a Distinction (DN)
  • adequate
  • the topic could have been treated much better
  • corresponds to a Credit (CR)
  • just satisfactory, minimal standard for a CSE thesis
  • corresponds to a bare Pass (PS)
  • not up to standard required of a CSE thesis
  • corresponds to a FL grade (around 40%)
  • very much below the standard required of a CSE thesis
  • corrsponds to a low fail (around 20%)

Thesis A Seminar

What's required to mark a Thesis A Seminar:

  • attend the seminar
  • assign a single overall grade for the talk
  • when determining the grade, consider the technical quality and presentation.
  • Thesis A seminar mark contributes 30% towards the final Thesis A mark

Thesis A Report

What's required to mark a Thesis A Report:

  • read it
  • assign a single overall grade
  • Thesis A report mark contributes 70% towards the final Thesis A mark

Thesis A Marking Criteria

Please consider the following criteria and provide a single grade in the CSE Thesis marking system.

  • Thesis A Report
    • reviewing of other work/literature review
    • articulating a research question, plan and thesis outline
    • document presentation
  • Thesis A Seminar/Presentation
    • technical quality of the talk including motivation, literature survey, analysis of solutions considered, justification for choices, quality of the work-plan
    • structure of the talk, content/layout of slides, ability to communicate, clarity of description, competence in handling questions

Thesis B Demo

What's required to mark a Thesis B Demo:

  • attend the demo
  • assign a single overall grade
  • Thesis B demo mark contributes 20% towards the final Thesis B mark
  • Detailed criteria will be published soon.
  • This demo mark will be used to determine the candidates for CSE Thesis Showcase.

Thesis B Report

What's required to mark a Thesis B Report:

  • read it
  • assign four grades and write a brief comment/justification for each criteria
  • a comment can be as little as just a couple of words or a single sentence
  • Thesis B report mark contributes 80% towards the final Thesis B mark
  • Detailed criteria will be published soon.

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