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    Posted by John Shepherd Sunday 21 January 2018, 09:13:03 PM, last modified Sunday 21 January 2018, 09:13:44 PM.

    The web page for COMP1511 18s1 is located at

  • Final grades on myUNSW

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Tuesday 12 December 2017, 11:13:22 PM.

    Hi everybody,

    I hope you've been having a good break (and/or enjoying yourself in COMP2521 over the summer!).

    A few of you may have noticed a discrepancy between your mark on myUNSW and your mark on the WebCMS3 grades page, where either your mark is slightly higher on WebCMS3, or your mark is shown on WebCMS3 but is still withheld ("WD") on myUNSW.

    There were a few minor errors with marking that have been fixed since the final results were released (one sub-part of a theory exam question didn't have all of the marks uploaded, and a problem with the autotests for one of the lab exercises has been fixed), and so the final grade for a small number of affected students has increased by 1 mark.

    Additionally, marks were withheld for students who had not passed the hurdle(s), or who were potentially involved with plagiarism. I have marked all of the supp exams, and the marks for these are now reflected in your grade on WebCMS3. If you have not passed one or both of the hurdles, your grade may be "UF" -- "unsatisfactory fail", as you have not passed an essential course requirement (the hurdle exams).

    If your grade on WebCMS3 is still WD, this means that Andrew Taylor has not yet resolved your situation. If you have been contacted by Andrew Taylor about potential plagiarism and have responded but you still haven't heard back from him by tomorrow night (Wednesday night), send me an email and I can follow up with him.

    The grades have to be re-uploaded all at once from the CSE systems to myUNSW, and so the re-upload will start once all of the course results have been completely finalised -- hopefully this will have finished processing by the end of this week.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email.

  • COMP1511 Final Course Marks

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Friday 01 December 2017, 10:08:05 PM.

    Hello everybody,

    Your final course mark is now available , via myUNSW or the grades page on the course website.

    Hopefully "final_grade" contains a mark >= 50 and a grade of PS, CR, DN or HD. If it does, you have met all hurdles and other requirements and have passed COMP1511 -- well done. COMP1511 hasn't been an easy course, and many of you have had to work very hard over the past months to get here.

    Particular congratulations to the top ten students in the course:

    Kevin Luxa
    Nanway Chen
    Philip Mai
    Conrad Martin
    Matthew Chen
    Mitchell Roberts
    Michaela Wong
    Bo Pang
    Declan Warn
    Hannah Easton

    On your grades page you can see information about how you've gone in various assessment tasks across the semester -- labs, milestones, assignments. You will soon (but not yet) be able to see information/feedback about your code and style for assignments 1 and 2 -- I'll have it there as soon as possible.

    If your "final_grade" field contains the grade "WD" , this means that your COMP1511 mark and grade is yet to be determined.

    The "grade_withheld_reason" field explains why your grade was withheld :

    - If the field says " hurdles ", this means that you have not yet passed the hurdle(s). See the information about supp exams below.

    - If the field says " plagiarism ", then your mark has been withheld due to concerns of potential plagiarism in work that you (or your group) submitted for an assignment this semester. You will (or may already have) receive an email from Andrew Taylor , who is handling the potential plagiarism cases in this course.

    The field "supp_exam_offered" has information about whether you are able to take a supp exam.

    If this contains the value " not applicable ", then you don't need to sit a supplementary exam -- you've already passed! (both the course, and the hurdles)

    If this contains the value " hurdle ", then you have a passing grade in the course (>=50), but have not yet passed one or both hurdles. You need to pass the hurdles in a supp exam in order to pass the course. Note that not all of the questions from last week's supp exam have been marked yet, and so this may still change (see your arrays_hurdle and lists_hurdle fields for details).

    If this contains the value " full supp ", then your course grade is currently between 40 and 50, *and* you have met the conditions in the course outline . You can sit a full supplementary exam (both the theory section, and the hurdles). If you pass (or have already passed) both hurdles, and you pass the theory exam, you will pass the course.

    If this contains the value " no ", then you have not met the conditions in the course outline to be offered a supplementary exam. If you were planning to take COMP courses over summer or next semester, you will need to change your enrollment. The CSE student office can provide advice.

    The supplementary exam is tentatively scheduled for 10:45am on Friday 8th December, in the J17 Level 3 labs. You will be emailed the exact details of time and location by the 6th of December.

    I hope you've enjoyed your time in COMP1511 this semester -- it's been a full-on semester, with a lot of hard work, but we've made it to the end.

    Good luck with your future studies, and I hope to see you around in further CSE courses :)

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