• ​Milestone 4 is here: due Wednesday 11:59pm

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Saturday 14 October 2017, 10:57:17 PM.

    Hello everybody,

    I've put a up a blog template for Milestone 4. You can use it just as you did with the other blog templates for other milestones etc. If you've forgotten how, there are instructions here .

    We've also put up a marking rubric for the milestones, which covers an overview of the skills we hope you will gain over the semester, as well as a rough guide to what we'd expect for each criteria. You can see it here .

  • ​MandelbrArt Voting is here!

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Friday 13 October 2017, 07:16:57 PM.

    Hello everybody,

    It's the moment you've all been waiting for: voting for your favourite entries in the MandelbrArt Gallery is finally here!

    You can view the page [here] or through the course website (on the sidebar).

    Since it would be totally impossible to just pick your one favourite, you can vote for as many entries as you want. The entry with the most votes overall will be the Grand Winner of the COMP1511 17s2 MandelbrArt Competition!

    If you visit the voting page again after you've already voted, you can see your previous votes: they will be pre-selected. You can change your vote if wish to: only your latest vote will be counted (and you can check what it is by visiting the form again).

    Voting will close at 11:59pm Sunday 22nd October (end of Week 12), and prizes will be awarded in the Week 13 lectures.

  • Game.c Plan Blog Template is now available!

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Wednesday 11 October 2017, 11:55:59 PM.

    Hi everybody,

    There is now a blog template available for you to write your plan for your Game.c -- the Game ADT implementation.

    There are instructions under the assignments section on the side menu, or you can click here .

    While there is no strict "due date" for the plan, it is essential that you complete the plan before you implement the ADT.

    If you've already started your implementation, that's great -- hopefully you've already been thinking about and discussing an informal plan with your group. You should formalise your plan in a blog post using the template.

    There are two sections to the planning blog: one that you should collaborate on as a group , and one that you should complete individually . Each group member must submit their own blog post.

  • Assignment 2: groups, submissions, SPOTS, update to Game.h

    Posted by Jashank Jeremy Tuesday 10 October 2017, 03:19:19 PM.

    I hope you are all having fun and working hard on Assignment 2.

    This is a reminder that, although the assignment is due on the last day of semester, you must submit your work regularly so that it can be tested with the SPOTS system. This is also a notification about an update to Game.h .


    You need to make sure that you are in a 9-13 lab pair group as well as an Assignment 2 group.

    Please make sure that both groups have a unique name that reflects the members of the group. The names of your group should not be similar to Assignment 2 Group or Assignment 2 .


    Once you have ensured you are in a lab pair and assignment group, you should make sure you make a submission for testGame.c . The submission should compile, but it does not need to be correct or complete.

    You should then make sure you make a submission for Game.c . The submission should compile, but it doesn't need to be correct either.

    Any time you make a change to any of the three parts of the assignment, you should make a new submission via give . You should make sure that your code compiles properly and functions as you expect (although it does not need to be correct) whenever you make a new submission.

    You can make sure your code compiles properly by compiling your testGame.c , Game.c , and a Card.c that implements the provided Card.h . You can then run this to see if your implementation passes your own tests.


    The SPOTS system will collect the latest submissions every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evening until the end of semester. Every testGame.c will be used to test every Game.c and you will be able to see which tests your implementation passed as well as which implementations your tests failed. You should check the results every Thursday, Saturday, and Monday.

    You can go to SPOTS using the Final Card-Down Live link in the WebCMS sidebar.

    If you failed a test, try and figure out what the error in your code may be. If you think the test is incorrect and you wrongly failed the test, make sure to blame the test. If your test was blamed , you need to determine if your test is actually incorrect, or if your test was wrongly blamed, in which case you may dispute the claim.

    This system is provided to assist in testing your code and for you to assist others. Making sure you work on your code regularly and keep your submission up to date will help you work towards having a correct implementation sooner.

    Remember that the testing system is only run three times a week, so you should check your implementation with your own tests as you work on it.

    Changes to Game.h

    A new function has been added to Game.h called topDiscard .

    // Get the card that is on the top of the discard pile.
    Card topDiscard(Game game);

    This function takes an instance of the game and returns a reference to the card on top of the discard pile. The card returned by the function should not be free d by the ADT user .

Upcoming Due Dates

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