• How to post code in blogs with indentation etc

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Saturday 12 August 2017, 05:10:14 PM, last modified Saturday 12 August 2017, 06:25:02 PM.

    Many of you have been having issues with posting code in your blogs, where the formatting/indentation doesn't work.

    I've put together some instructions on how you can paste code in your blog with the indentation etc still working.

    The instructions are here: .

    I hope you find them helpful!

  • Consultations start tomorrow (Tuesday)

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Tuesday 08 August 2017, 12:26:44 AM.

    I will be holding weekly consultations on Tuesdays from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, in the ground floor consultation rooms of K17 (the Computer Science building), starting from tomorrow.

    If you have any questions about the course -- content, administrative issues, assessments, etc -- feel free to come along and ask me.

  • Milestone write-ups

    Posted by Andrew Bennett Friday 04 August 2017, 03:41:20 PM.

    I've had a few questions about the "milestone writeups" -- what they are, what you'll need to do, when they'll be due.

    All will be revealed very soon. The first due date won't be at the end of this week (week 2) as it was tentatively scheduled in the course scheduled, but will be at the end of next week (week 3) instead.

    For the writeups, there will be a series of short questions for you to give brief responses to, about your progress in the course thus far (or since the previous milestone, which will be roughly every two weeks after the first submission).

    It should hopefully be a quick and easy thing for you to do, while giving you a chance to think about how you're going in the course and to help you stay on top of things.

    I'll be posting more information and full instructions on what will be involved ASAP, by the end of this week (but hopefully sooner -- I'm aiming to release it by the end of today).

    But, rest assured, I won't make you hand in any assessment tasks without giving you full details about what you need to do and without making sure everybody understands what's going on.

Upcoming Due Dates

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