• COMP1511 Final exam

    Posted by Andrew Taylor Friday 15 June 2018, 06:43:06 PM, last modified Friday 15 June 2018, 10:29:09 PM.

    I hope you all managed to demonstrate all you have learnt in COMP1511 in today's exam. Most of the questions should have been what you were expecting, even if they were not easy.

    Unfortunately the students in the morning exam session were accidentally given the solution to the last question on part 2. Huge apologies, I completed the question myself in exam environment yesterday, so at some stage after that I must have accidentally replaced the starting code with the solution.

    I replaced Question 8 was replaced (on the spot) with a past question of similar difficulty. At this stage of the (morning) exam very few students should have commenced the question as it was the last question in part 2. If you had commenced it, and you feel you have significantly disadvantaged in the exam, please email me (

    You may email me if you feel anything else in the running of the exam, has significantly disadvantaged you personally. Practical exams are a much better way to assess a programming course than a paper but there are more things that can go wrong than a paper exam. You may not get a reply until exam marking is complete, as typically I have to to see your exam marks to know if, and how, issues should be best addressed.

    Issues that affect multiple students are better raised in the forum.

    You will get an email when provisional marks are released - due to the number of exams to be marked this is unlikely to be before July 2.

  • Skeleton of COMP1511 Final Exam now available

    Posted by Andrew Taylor Thursday 14 June 2018, 05:31:17 PM.

    The exam skeletons for part 1 and part 2 of the final exam are now available.

    Please recheck your seating allocation for tomorrow's exam.

    Please plan to arrive early, Sydney buses and trains can not be relied on to run on time.

    If you are allocated to the morning session, your seating allocation will be a computer lab. Note mmea and mmeb are the mechanical engineering labs J17-204 and J17-203 on the second floor of the J17 building immediately below CSE's J17 level 3 labs.

    If you are allocated to the afternoon session, your seating allocation will be a tute/lecture room. Go to that room and do not be late. You can not start the exam if you are late to the tute/lecture room. You will be taken from that room to a computer lab.

    You must bring your student card. You can bring pens and a transparent, unmarked water bottle. No other exam materials are allowed. You can not bring paper, phones, watches, calculators, laptops ...

    Good luck.

  • COMP1511 Exam seating Available

    Posted by Andrew Taylor Friday 08 June 2018, 08:18:57 PM.

    COMP1511 exam seating is now available Apologies for the delay, the size of COMP1511 means the exam presents considerable logistical difficulties.

    Please let us know about any problems and please monitor your email in the days before the exam in case we need to notify you of changes.

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