• COMP1511 21T2

    Posted by Tom Kunc Friday 28 May 2021, 10:43:15 AM, last modified Friday 28 May 2021, 10:43:41 AM.

    This is the course page for COMP1511's 21T1 offering.

    The web page for COMP1511 21T2 is located at:

  • COMP1511 Exam Marks Release

    Posted by Marc Chee Tuesday 18 May 2021, 04:08:52 PM.

    Hi there COMP1511,

    We've just made some changes to your Student Page on the course website:

    • Exam Marks
    • Provisional Final Marks
    • Some marks are not finished
    • Thank you and good luck in the future!

    Exam Marks

    We've just updated your student page to show your exam marks as well as your provisional final mark. You can check it on your Student Page . While you will get a breakdown of your marks per question in the exam, we will not be releasing detailed feedback or automarking breakdowns. The content of the questions and autotesting/automarking is still content that is not publicly available (and you are still not allowed to share details of the questions).

    Provisional Final Marks

    On your student page, you should be able to see our calculation of your final mark for COMP1511. These marks have been submitted to UNSW and should appear in your official student transcript by the end of this week (Officially Thursday).

    It's worth looking at these marks to make sure there haven't been any administrative errors either in the addition of your marks or your assessments.

    I should remind everyone that UNSW has a strict policy of not altering these marks from their genuine result. Even if you are close to a threshold, like 49 or 84 or similar, the course is not allowed to edit these marks.

    Unfinished Marks

    You may also have a provisional mark that says: "Not Yet Released" and in myUNSW will look like "LE" (Late Entry). These marks are still pending some clarification of results and you will be contacted via your UNSW email address to let you know what the situation is and if we need any further input from you.

    Thank You and Good Luck

    For most of you, this is the end of your interaction with COMP1511. I would like to thank you for spending the time and effort you did on this course. I know the course staff have been really appreciative of how interactive and interested you have been and we hope that this gives you the inspiration to continue your studies (whether they're in Computer Science or whatever fields interest you).

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • COMP1511 Assignment Mark Release

    Posted by Tom Kunc Sunday 16 May 2021, 06:23:17 PM.

    Hi COMP1511,

    At this stage, the marks on your student page ( have been updated to include your:

    • Lab Marks (with the exception of a few individual lab exercises which will be re-marked today).
    • Reflection Marks
    • Assignment 1 Marks
    • Assignment 1 Extension Marks
    • Assignment 2 Marks
    • Assignment 2 Extension Marks

    Your Exam marks have not yet been included, we expect them to be released tonight or tomorrow.

    If you see any issues with the marks that are there, please get in touch with us at and we will investigate your marks.

    Please note that we may not be able to reply until tomorrow given the large number of marks we are finalizing.

    All the best for your holidays,

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Admin Staff)

  • Week 11 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 26 April 2021, 05:49:52 PM.

    Hi there, COMP1511,

    This is the final weekly notice for COMP1511 and there isn't that much going on this week that you don't already know about.

    • The Final Exam (Saturday, 1st May)
    • WIT + CSESoc Study Session (Tuesday)
    • Marc's study stream (Thursday)
    • MyExperience Course Survey

    Final Exam Saturday 1st May

    Hopefully we've said this enough now that you remember when the final exam is and how to get access to it.

    The Final Exam for COMP1511 runs from 1pm to 7pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on the 1st May, 2021.

    You should already have received an email from letting you know about the exam and the details of how you will access it. If you haven't, please send an email to that address from your UNSW Student email address.

    Study Session with some of our Student Societies

    This Tuesday 2-4pm, there's a study session being run by UNSW's Women in Tech and CSESoc. I'll be there for a bit to go over the exam (won't be THAT much different from what was in Lecture 17) and also hang out and say hi. If you want the details, the link to the event is:

    Marc's final 1511 stream

    I'll also be doing one final study stream on Thursday 2-4pm. There isn't any structured content for this one, it's more of a Q&A where if people would like me to clarify particular topics, I'm happy to spend some time on them.

    There will be a link to the stream in the Lectures section of the course website.


    We've gotten up to 56% response rate on the sruvey, but really would love to hear from more people. I fully understand that it's a busy time right now, but we'd love to hear what you think . . . everyone's opinion is useful for us to update the course in the future. The survey will be open until midnight on Thursday the 29th April. Here's the link:

    Thanks and Good Luck!

    As this is the last notice from me (Marc), I just want to say thanks to everyone for the hard work you've put into learning about computing over this term and I hope you've gotten something out of the course that you find useful. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and Chicken will love you always.

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • COMP1511 Exam Notification Notice

    Posted by Tom Kunc Sunday 25 April 2021, 03:29:13 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Hopefully, by now many of you have submitted Assignment 2, and are preparing for your final exams. This notice contains some important information regarding the exams (and your study for them) that you will hopefully find useful:

    • CSESoc x WIT Study Session
    • MyExperience Still Open
    • Exam Notification
    • Revision Content

    The WIT x CSESoc: COMP1511 Revision Workshop will be happening on Tuesday 27th April at 2 pm AEST until 4 pm AEST. The session will be both online and in-person, and you can find all the details here:

    MyExperience is still running, and we would appreciate any and all feedback that you have on the course! Previous myExperience feedback has had an impact on how this course ran this term, so your feedback could make a big difference in how COMP1511 runs in the future! You can access it via:

    Exam Notification emails have been emailed to your email address in the past few hours. These emails outline the time of the exam, as well as if we have any special arrangements for you. You will receive a similar email on the day of the exam. If you did not get this email, please check your spam, and ensure that mail from will reach you! If you still cannot find it, please email us at !

    Revision Content has now been released. You can find it in here (or on the sidebar of WebCMS3).

    Please note that there are no scheduled lectures or tutorials this week. We hope you all have a wonderful week, and wish you all the best for your exam period!

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 10 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 19 April 2021, 07:26:12 PM, last modified Monday 19 April 2021, 08:37:24 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    We're in Week 10 now, so we're about to wrap up the official teaching part of this term!

    In today's notice:

    • What's in Week 10's content (no new topics this week)
    • File loss issues from last week
    • Assignment 2 file change (ext_main.c will be changing very slightly)
    • Final Exam, Saturday 1st May
    • Course MyExperience Survey

    This week in class

    Even though we're not introducing any new content this week, we still have important content in class.

    • Lectures - Exam preview and Course Recap
    • Tutorials - ADTs, Stacks and Recursion
    • Labs - A preview of the exam environment, a partial practice exam

    As you can see, we're going into a reasonable level of detail about the Final Exam in this week's Lectures and Labs so you have a good idea of what's going to be in it when you take the exam.

    File Loss Issues last week

    A lot of people are still reeling from having their home directories wiped last week. If you still need to recover files, please follow the instructions in the previous course notice (scroll down on the first page of the Course Webpage ).

    In response to these issues, we've extended the deadline on Week 9's lab to this Wednesday 21th April and for anyone directly affected, we'll be extending your Assignment 2 deadline. If you have been affected and will need a deadline extension, please fill out this form:

    We fully understand that this is a stressful time to have a bunch of your files disappear, especially from the place where we said they'd be the safest! I hope that the deadline extensions are enough, but if you do need more help, please think about the avenues for Assignment help below . . .

    Assignment 2

    This is a reminder of where to get help if you need it with Assignment 2:

    1. Your tutor is a good person to talk to during labs
    2. Help Sessions will also be running ( Timetable here )
    3. Questions that aren't assignment specific but are about related topics/techniques can be asked on the Course Forum

    We're about to make a small change to ext_main.c also. There was a small issue with error statements not allowing autotests to function properly but that will be updated. If you want more details, please check the Changelog at the end of the Assignment Specification and the Header comment in the file itself once they have changed.

    We've also removed a previous restriction on the use of string.h in the assignment. Apologies if you were already working without string.h.

    Final Exam, Saturday 1st May

    We have a confirmed time for the Exam now. It will run from 1pm-7pm Sydney time (AEST). Exact details on question format etc will be in Wednesday's lecture, but the infrastructure will be reasonably familiar from labs and you'll have a chance to use the "practice exam" in this week's labs to see the infrastructure as well as some example questions.

    The exam is an open book, take home exam, meaning you will be using your own computer and will be allowed access to all course materials as well as the internet. You will not be allowed to specifically ask anyone (online or offline) about the questions, but any references that are online are allowed.

    MyExperience Survey for COMP1511

    I am once again asking you to fill out the Course Survey! (You can access it via: )

    We've had about a quarter of the class fill out the survey so far and it really helps us if the majority of the class gives us feedback on how the course is. We've had a lot of very useful feedback in the past that helps us shift the focus of parts of the course in different directions and gives us very useful information about which parts of our teaching style has worked with people.

    Hope this week is better than last week!

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Update on CSE Filesystem Issues

    Posted by Tom Kunc Sunday 18 April 2021, 04:46:48 PM, last modified Monday 19 April 2021, 08:37:37 PM.

    Dear COMP1511,

    This message is to resolve the outstanding issues around students who lost their files during the last week.

    If you have lost files and not been able to get them back, you can restore them by following the instructions here.

    In order to ensure everyone has had time to fix their files, the deadline for lab09 will be extended from Monday 18th April to Wednesday 21st of April . If you have been particularly seriously affected, you should contact your tutor and they may be able to issue an additional extension, depending on your circumstances.

    Regarding the assignment, the due date has not been changed . Instead, students we know were affected have been contacted by email, and given an appropriate extension. If you have been affected, but did not receive an email about an extension, please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you about an extension: . This form will close on Thursday at 8pm, so if you need an extension due to your files being lost, please fill it in before then. If you have not lost your files, please do not fill in this form.

    The cs1511 email has received nearly 100 emails requesting help, and we're currently working through this backlog. You may not receive an email for 24 hours, but please rest assured we will get in contact with you as soon as possible; and we will ensure you receive the necessary extensions.

    Separately, please note that Assignment 1 marking is out for most students (and the remainder of students can expect their marks in the next 48 hours). Extension marks will be going out later tonight. You can go to the student page to retrieve these marks.


    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Admin Team)

  • Mid-Week Update & CSE Server Issues

    Posted by Tom Kunc Thursday 15 April 2021, 11:52:51 PM, last modified Friday 16 April 2021, 12:11:26 AM.

    Hi Everyone,

    This update is going out later than usual due to the current issues with CSE's filesystems. In this notice:

    • Current issues with CSE filesystems
    • Assignment 2 Extension Autotests
    • Reflection #4

    Current Issues with CSE filesystems

    We are currently aware of issues accessing files from VLab and the VSCode Server (Corelli). On logging in, some students may notice that their files are temporarily inaccessible, and some settings are reset. This is an issue which the School's Computer Support Group are aware of, and are working to fix. If the service interruption continues, we will make accommodations as necessary. If anyone has any concerns or issues about how this affects assignment and lab submissions, we would encourage you to post on the forums, or to contact

    Assignment 2 Extension Autotests

    Autotests for the assignment 2 extension work have now been released. Please post on the forums if you have any questions or concerns. To clarify the previous notice, the core autotests have not changed; only the extension autotests were released.

    Reflection #4

    Reflection #4 is slightly different to other reflections. It has the same deadline as Assignment 2 -- Friday 23rd at 8pm. It is partially a reflection on the course, and partly to help you prepare for the exam. There is also an optional section to help you prepare for your Assignment 2 -- we strongly encourage you to take a look at that section before starting Assignment 2; to help you plan out your assignment work. It will be marked by your tutors outside your lab; at a similar time to when they mark Assignment 2.

    We hope you have a wonderful week,

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Staff)

  • Week 9 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 12 April 2021, 10:22:56 PM.

    Heya COMP1511,

    Week 9 is here, and we're nearing the end of the term, but there are still a few things happening!

    • Assignment 2, Help Sessions and Extension Work
    • MyExperience Course Surveys

    Assignment 2

    Just a reminder to everyone of where to get help if Assignment 2 is feeling hard . . . and it is hard work, just because of the number of different concepts that go together to make Linked Lists!

    1. Your tutor is a good person to talk to during labs in the next two weeks
    2. Help Sessions will also be running ( Timetable here )
    3. Questions that aren't assignment specific but are about related topics/techniques can be asked on the Course Forum

    We've also released the Extension component of the Assignment, which can be found in the Assignment Spec . If you're interested in seeing some of the more advanced possibilities that follow from the main concept of Linked Lists, as well as practising your testing on top of your coding, the Extension is a good place to do this!

    MyExperience Course Surveys are now available

    MyExperience is UNSW's way of collecting feedback from you, the students, about the courses we teach. In particular in COMP1511, we've received a lot of useful feedback over the years that allows us to tune the subject and the way we teach it so that you can (hopefully) have a positive experience of learning programming. Regardless of whether you've had a good or bad time in the subject, it's super useful for us to hear about it to be able to improve the course in the future!

    The survey can be filled out via this link: or can be accessed via Moodle:

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Staff)

  • Week 8 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Tuesday 06 April 2021, 05:55:44 PM.

    Hello COMP1511!

    Welcome to Week 8. We have a few things to let you know about today:

    • Daylight Savings time changes in Sydney
    • Assignment 2 Release
    • Assignment 2 Live Stream on Thursday the 8th April
    • Exam Timetable and Exam clashes

    Daylight Savings Time Changes

    This is especially important for anyone who's outside of Sydney and taking our class online. Sydney has just changed time zones for Daylight Savings and is now in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) UTC + 10 . Functionally this means that lectures and tutorials will be an hour later than they were last week. Apologies to anyone already affected by the timing changes, but hopefully an email that went out to all Tuesday classes helped with that!

    Assignment 2 Release

    Assignment 2's core content has been released and is available from the Assignment 2 (CS Beats) link on the course website. This assignment is based on Linked Lists and Abstraciton in Multi-File Projects while being themed on the idea of music synthesizers. We haven't completely covered all the techniques necessary to complete the assignment, but we will be doing more with Linked Lists this week as well as an Assignment based Live Stream . . .

    Assignment 2 Live Stream

    We'll be hosting a Live Stream this Thursday (8th April) from 4-6pm. Tom and Marc will be talking about CS Beats, how the Assignment is structured and what kinds of programming techniques will be handy for the Assignment.

    Exam Timetable and Exam Clashes

    By now, you may have noticed that the UNSW Exam Timetable has been finalised and the COMP1511 Exam is on Saturday the 1st May. We've put a lot of effort into trying to avoid weekend deadlines, but our exams are scheduled by UNSW based on a very large number of subjects and students, so we were not able to set our exam on a weekday.

    We will have part of a lecture dedicated to the details of the exam in Week 10, so hopefully you'll have enough information to know how to approach it then.

    In the meantime, we've received a few emails about exam clashes between our exam and others. Please bear with us as any timing clashes will be handled by UNSW's exams team and you will be notified which exam will be moved in the case of a clash.

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 7 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 29 March 2021, 06:30:55 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Here's hoping your first Assignment is reaching the final stretch. Remember to submit early and submit often!

    A few things to talk about today:

    • Assignment 1 is finishing!
    • This Friday (2nd April) is a Public Holiday (the course will not run on Friday)
    • Reflections Schedule and Marking
    • Assignment 2 is coming soon!
    • A message from UNSW Digital Society

    Assignment 1 is due very soon!

    Please check the due date and submit your Assignment 1, Slide. Also, if you need to, check the Assignment Specification Due Date so that you know both when it's due and any late penalties if you need to submit late.

    Public Holiday Friday 2nd April

    This Friday will be a Public Holiday in Australia, so we won't be having our usual Lecture or Tutorials/Labs on Friday.

    • The Lecture will be moving to Thursday, 1st April 4-6pm!

    While this time minimises clashes, we understand that some people will have other classes to go to in this time slot. As usual, the lecture will be recorded and available for viewing on YouTube and Echo360(via Moodle) afterwards.

    • No Tutorials or Labs will run on the 2nd April!

    This means that if you are scheduled to take a Tutorial and Lab class on Friday, you'll have to make other arrangements to attend a class on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week. You can check the Timetable to see when other Tutorial/Labs are available. Remember that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, face-to-face sessions (listed with an A in the timetable) will not be able to take extra students, so you'll need to attend a B or C online tutorial/lab via Blackboard Collaborate on Moodle .

    Reflections Schedule and Marking

    We've noticed that Reflection Marking has been taking up a bit of time in the labs. We're slightly changing the schedule for reflections to allow more time to work on technical programming questions in labs in the second half of term.

    • The next reflection (Reflection 3) will be a look back at Assignment 1 and what was learnt there
    • The final reflection (Reflection 4) will be some planning for Assignment 2
    • There will be one more conversation with your tutor between now and the end of the term to mark whichever reflections you've completed at that time

    You are of course, free to talk to your tutor in lab time about other things, we won't be limiting teaching contact to only Reflection marking!

    Assignment 2 will be releasing soon (next week)

    Sometime around Tuesday next week (Monday is a Public Holiday so we are very unlikely to release then), we'll be releasing the second Assignment of COMP1511. Hopefully you'll be singing a happy tune when you see what kind of interesting things you'll be able to do with C in this next assignment.

    UNSW Digital Society Event, Wednesday 31st March, 4-5pm

    This Wednesday, the UNSW Digital Society is running a Design Thinking Workshop with General Assembly.

    "This is a great opportunity for programming students to think about the user perspective and build the fundamental thinking of coding with a purpose"

    Some event links:

    Hope you have a good week and also have some time to do something non-programming and University related in the coming long weekend (if you're in Australia where we're taking a few days off).

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 6 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 22 March 2021, 06:10:22 PM.

    Hey COMP1511,

    Welcome to Flexibility Week! It's a different week from our normal teaching weeks, so here's a bit of information:

    • No Tutorials or Labs
    • Lectures are Optional
    • There's some other fun content if you're interested!
    • Reminder about CSE's systems downtime (26-27th March)
    • Some information about Week 7's Public Holiday (2nd April)

    No Tutorials or Labs

    Remember that there are no tutorials or labs running this week! Also the due date for the Week 5 lab is Monday of Week 7.

    Lectures are Optional

    We're still going to be delivering some content in Week 6 lectures, but none of the content will be presenting new material that is assessable in the course.

    On Wednesday we'll be doing a live revision session where some of the tutors and myself (Marc) will be answering student questions and covering any topics that people are having issues with.

    On Friday, Marc will be talking about Professionalism. It's something that is very important to people working in Computing, but it's not always taught that thoroughly as we spend most of our time at University focusing on technical subjects.

    Other Content this week . . .

    <u>Tuesday - MidTerm Chill with CSESoc</u>

    CSESoc is hosting a little break if you'd like to go along to meet people and relax. Their Facebook Event for it is here:

    <u>Thursday - Tom is giving a talk about teaching</u>

    Our subject admin, Tom is giving a talk about some of the helpful things you can think about when teaching technical subjects like programming. CSESoc has a Facebook event link here:

    <u> Podcast interview with Marc</u>

    If you're so keen to hear from Marc, even more than what's in lectures, CSESoc interviewed me and recorded it for their podcast "Echo". Here's a link to listen to it:

    Reminder about CSE Downtime on 26-27th March

    A reminder that CSE's servers will be going offline from 7pm on Friday 26th March until 8pm Saturday 27th March. This is in the last few days of Assignment 1 now, which has had its deadline moved to Monday of Week 7. Please bear in mind that most of the course infrastructure will not be available in this time.

    Public Holiday on Friday 2nd April

    A bit of advance notice about the Public Holiday on Friday the 2nd April. There will be no Lecture, Tutorials or Labs on that day. The lecture will be moved to the Thursday the day before (at the same time of 4-6pm) and if you are scheduled for a Tutorial/Lab that day, you will have to plan to attend a different tutorial on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Bear in mind that only the Online tutorials (codes B and C in the timetable) will be able to accept extra students as the in-person Tutorial/Labs are still under specific restrictions. Check the Timetable for when other classes are on that you can attend.

    Otherwise, I hope everyone has a good week and if you're in flood affected areas of Sydney, please keep watch for evacuation notices and I hope everyone is not affected too badly!

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 5 Mid-Week Notice

    Posted by Tom Kunc Friday 19 March 2021, 08:15:13 AM.

    Hi Everyone!

    We hope you're all enjoying Week 5! Three updates in this message:

    • Week 5 Self-Test Released
    • Assignment 1 Extension Tests Released
    • Assignment 1 Extension Wording

    Week 5 Self-Test Released

    The Week 5 Self-Test has been released. It's a great idea to complete it as revision, but as usual, it is not marked.

    Assignment 1 Extension Tests Released

    Assignment instructions have been updated to include the commands for testing and submitting your extension work. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them on the Forum.

    Assignment 1 Extension Wording

    After some discussion between students and COMP1511 staff around Extension work, the assignment now has a description of the rationale as to why we have an Extension component. We hope this will clarify why the extension section exists, and why it is weighted as it is; however if there are questions or concerns we always welcome you to get in touch with us on the forum, or by emailing .

    We hope you all have a great weekend!

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Staff)

  • Changes to Due Dates and CSE Services Disruption

    Posted by Marc Chee Tuesday 16 March 2021, 02:43:36 PM.

    Hi all,

    This is a special notice to let you know about a few things coming up in the near future and changes we have to make:

    • CSE Services Disruption (includes VLAB, give etc)
    • Changes to Due Dates

    CSE Services Disruption

    In a planned power maintenance for CSE's building, our computers will be shutting down temporarily. They will be offline from 7pm on Friday 26th March until 8pm Saturday 27th March . This means that none of our resources will be available during this time. Those include: WebCMS3 and the Course Website, VLAB, dcc and the "give" submission system.

    Changes to Due Dates

    These changes will be reflected in the Lab and Assignment specifications very soon.

    • Week 5 Lab is now due on Monday 29th March at 20:00
    • Assignment 1 is now due on Monday 29th March at 20:00

    We apologise for changing the date of Assignment 1. The slight delays here will mean that feedback from this assignment might be later than we'd usually want to give it. This might affect your ability to make an informed start on Assignment 2 as most people will use the feedback from Assignment 1 to try to improve their Style Marks in Assignment 2. However, we definitely can't have a due date that's during an outage.


  • Week 5 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 15 March 2021, 06:03:43 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Term is now in full swing with an assignment out . . . things to talk about today:

    • Where to get Assignment Help
    • Weekly Revision Tests
    • Week 6 is Flexibility Week

    Assignment Help

    There are a few key ways to get help with the first Assignment if you need it. In no particular order:

    • Talk to your tutor in this week's Lab
    • Go to a Help Session to talk to a tutor (these are running in Week 6 as well)
    • Ask a question about a concept or theory on the Course Forums

    If you make sure your Reflections are set to "Course Staff Only" visibility, you can talk about how your assignment is going and potentially get a chance to talk to your tutor about this in your Lab time.

    Remember that you can't post your assignment code or specifically discuss assignment tasks on the forums, but if you need help on some of the concepts or theory that are being tested in the assignment, the forums can still be of help.

    Weekly Revision Tests

    You may have noticed the Weekly Self-Test Questions that have been coming out mid-week and can be found in the Tutorials and Labs section of the website. These aren't assessed, but they're there for you to use to see how well you've remembered content that's been covered previously in the course. They will generally be based on content that was in the previous week's Tutorial/Lab, so they give you a chance to see how well you're remembering things.

    Some of the questions in these tests are taken from past exams and others are written specifically in the same format, so they should give you a decent idea of how questions are asked in the exam.

    Week 6 is Flexibility Week

    A reminder that next week is Flexibility Week at UNSW, which means there will be no Tutorials or Labs and Lectures will be optional. We will most likely still be running content in the lecture times, but they won't be official course content lectures, more likely some revision and Q&A and a talk about taking your skills beyond the classroom and into what Professionalism means.

    Marc (on behalf of the 1511 Teaching Team)

  • Assignment 1, "Slide" has been released

    Posted by Marc Chee Tuesday 09 March 2021, 12:05:41 AM.

    Hey again COMP1511,

    A quick notice to let you know that Assignment 1 has been released and you can find the specification at this link: Assignment 1 (Slide) on the Course Website.


  • Week 4 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 08 March 2021, 05:30:57 PM.

    Hey there COMP1511,

    Welcome to Week 4 . . . a big week for us!

    • Assignment 1 Release is imminent
    • Assignment focused Live Stream this Thursday 4pm
    • Help Sessions have started
    • Some messages from Student Societies (Women in Tech and Bioinformatics Society)

    Assignment 1 - Slide

    In the next few hours, Assignment 1 will release and you'll be able to see what we'll be working on for the next few weeks. Slide is based on using 2 dimensional arrays to represent the screen in an old style arcade game. The work in Assignment 1 will be based on concepts and techniques that we teach between weeks 1 and 4 of the course, so don't be alarmed if some of it seems unfamiliar, we'll be covering things this week.

    The initial release of the assignment will have the "core" of the assignment, those parts of it that we consider important for everyone to at least attempt, if not complete.

    The second release of the assignment, which will be happening later this week, will be the Extension portion of the assignment, which, while worth marks, is more like a challenge. It will take significantly more time per marks than the core of the assignment, but if people are interested, it will be a very interesting set of work to do.

    Assignment 1 Introduction Live Stream

    On Thursday at 4pm, Marc will be running an optional Live Stream based on Assignment 1. I'll go through some of the specification, answering questions and clarifying what the tasks are as well as looking at assessment and other details. This session will be more interactive than a lecture with more questions answered than a normal lecture. There is a link to the Live Stream in the Lectures Section .

    The Live Stream will be recorded and uploaded to Moodle as well as YouTube.

    Help Sessions

    You may have noticed that there's a new link in the Course Website menu leading to Help Sessions . As we're starting more complex work in assignments, these Help Sessions will allow you to get some one on one time with a COMP1511 tutor in case you need some help with any particular topics or problems you're having.

    Remember that you can always ask for help from your tutor during your lab and also use the Course Forum if you have a question about general techniques etc where the answer might be able to help other students.

    Women in Tech (a message from the student society)

    UNSW Women in Technology (WIT) is a platform of over 2700 students, dedicated to empowering, uniting and up-skilling female and male students alike that are passionate about our mission. WIT aims to cultivate future leaders that are prepared to challenge the prejudices and bring change into the industry while building a strong community where they can find lasting friendships and support. We have some exciting upcoming opportunities including a resume review workshop with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, a mock technical interview workshop with Atlassian, a mock interview workshop with Telstra, an Accenture career panel session and an intro to startups event! To register for these events and stay up to date, follow the WIT Facebook page: or visit the WIT website here:

    Bioinformatics Society (a message from the student society)

    UNSW Bioinformatics Society unites students studying from biology through to computer science through our events and study resources! With the mission to connect, educate and inspire future innovators in STEM we are dedicated to meeting your needs, whether it be networking with industry, career info sessions with leading researchers, social meets or study revision sessions. We have some amazing upcoming opportunities, including a career panel session featuring speakers who studied Bioinformatics but are now working at tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon at our “Bioinformatics Debugged.” event. To register and stay up to date, follow the BINFSOC Facebook page here: or visit the BINFSOC website:


    That's it for Week 4 . . . so far! We'll send out notices to you as the assignment releases happen so that you know what's going on, but until then we look forward to seeing you in class.

    Marc (on behalf of the 1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 3 Mid-Week Update

    Posted by Tom Kunc Friday 05 March 2021, 06:33:05 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    This notice is to let you know about two updates:

    • Help Session Times Released
    • Week 3 Self-Test Released

    Help Session Times Released

    In COMP1511, if you need extra time to talk with a tutor, you can go to Help Sessions. They are mostly used for assignment help, but you can ask for help with anything to do with COMP1511 -- labs; tutorials; or lecture questions. They are all hosted on Blackboard Collaborate.

    The timetable, as well as instructions for joining for the Help Sessions this term can be found here.

    Week 3 Self-Test Released

    COMP1511 also has created revision resources, which are released weekly to help you track your progress in the course. These are the "self-tests". They are not worth any marks, and are not due at any particular time, but they let you practise your programming skills in a little more depth. They're available here .

    Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 3 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 01 March 2021, 04:55:35 PM.

    Hello COMP1511!

    Welcome to Week 3. Here's some info for this week:

    • Content for this week (releasing later on Monday)
    • Revision Exercises being released this week
    • Assignment 1 will be releasing at the start of next week (possibly before next Monday's notice)
    • Your Student Representatives

    This week's Class Content (including a new Reflection Exercise)

    We're nearly finished with the content for this week and will be releasing it all very soon. On top of our usual Lectures, Tutorials and Labs, we will also be releasing our second Reflection, which will be a chance for you to talk about how the first 3 weeks have gone in the course and hopefully let your tutor know how things are going. As of this notice things are nearly complete, but will need a few finishing touches before the release.

    Revision Exercises

    We have a bank of questions that we've used in the past for weekly revision exercises as well as exam practice and we'll be releasing them to you in weekly batches. They will usually be themed on what has been covered most recently in Labs so they're quite useful in checking how well you've learnt the previous content and what you might need to go back over. Since some of them (later in the term) will be past exam questions, they might also prove useful in preparing for your final exam.

    Look out for a release mid-week.

    Assignment 1 is coming

    By the next weekly notice, we might already have released your first Assignment. This will be your chance to test what you've learnt in the first half of the course and give you the chance to build a larger project than the Lab exercises. We'll let you know when it slides onto the Course Website early next week.

    Your Student Representatives

    Did you know that there are actually some students that represent you to the School of CSE? They can be reached via the CSE Stureps Website in case you have any needs or you need to report anything that you feel needs to be taken to the School on behalf of the students. The "stureps" have regular meetings with Our Head of School as well as the Deputy Head of School (Education)

    On top of this, there will be elections for new Student Representatives near the end of this term, so if any of you are interested in becoming a student representative, make sure to watch your email for an announcement of elections later in the term.

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 2 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 22 February 2021, 05:35:36 PM.

    Hello There COMP1511!

    Welcome to the second week of the course. We have a few things to talk about today:

    • Accessing past content (Lectures and Tutorials as well as solutions)
    • Reflections and Marking
    • Content for this week

    Content from earlier in the term

    As we continue, we're going to be building up a library of lectures, tutorials and lab exercises for you to look back over. If you need to re-watch lectures, use the links at the top of the Lectures Section (either the YouTube playlist or Moodle).

    If you need to see previous Tutorial/Lab content, including the course-written solutions, you can access them via the Tutorials and Labs Section . If you can't see any solutions here, please make sure to log in (the link to login is in the top right corner in WebCMS). Tutorial and Lab solutions are only available to current logged in students.

    Reflections and Marking

    You will hopefully have written your first reflection already. As time permits, your tutors will be having a one on one conversation with each of you to talk you through your reflections and give you any assistance you need. This will be happening during lab time. This is how the reflections will be marked.

    Your lab submissions will also be marked, but they will be marked by our computers rather than in person. As your marks are finalised, you will see them updated in your Student Page .

    Content for this week

    As with last week, lecture content can be found via links in the Lectures Section . This includes the link to the live stream as well as slides and sample code.

    Your Tutorial and Lab content is available via the Tutorials and Labs Section . A reminder that this week Lab content is marked, so hopefully everyone has learnt how to submit via "give" in the first Lab.

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 1 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 15 February 2021, 06:20:27 PM.

    Hello there COMP1511!

    Welcome to the course. Over the next 10 weeks, we're going to be learning a lot about programming, computer science, problem solving and generally getting to grips with a possible future as a "computing person".

    There's a lot kicking off this week. In this notice:

    • Intro Video
    • Lectures this week (how to access the content)
    • Tutorials and Labs this week (contact from your tutors)
    • Lab 0 on Thursday (optional content from CSESoc)

    Intro Video

    In case you're interested in a head start or need help with getting access to class resources, we made a short introductory video for COMP1511. This video is optional and not part of any kind of assessable lecture content, but it might be a handy guide for getting started with the course's infrastructure and an overview of what's in the Course Outline .

    You can see the video on my YouTube channel or via our lecture recordings on Moodle .

    Lectures Start This Week

    Our lectures will be starting this week on Wednesday at 11am and Friday at 4pm (AEDT, Sydney time).

    These will be streamed unlisted (so not easily available to the public) and the recordings will be uploaded after the lecture. The links to the live streams and recordings are available in the Lectures section of the course website. There is no in-person location for lectures this term due to social distancing restrictions.

    Tutorials and Labs also Start This Week

    By now you should have received an email from your tutor saying hi and giving you some instructions on how to access your Tutorial/Lab session. Online sessions are conducted via a system called Blackboard Collaborate, and you can find a link to your tutorial session on Moodle . In-person Tutorial/Lab sessions are held on campus at UNSW Sydney, so each will have its own room and lab. If you need help finding the location, please contact your tutor.

    You can find your tutor's email address in the Timetable on the course website.

    Some of the tutorials are going to be happening before our first lecture, so your first introduction to the course might be through your tutor. There's no disadvantage to having the first week in this order!

    Lab 0

    This week (12-2pm on Thursday) CSESoc is hosting an event that helps new computing students get a handle on navigating both CSE and UNSW. There's a lot of information that can be really useful but isn't necessarily academically relevant, so won't usually be included in courses. This event is available online as well as in person.

    If you'd like to register as well as get some more information, check out their Facebook Event .

    In conclusion . . .

    Welcome again to COMP1511 and I hope that we can get a smooth start to term and help you out with any issues you may have getting started. Please feel free to talk to your tutor if you need anything and we're looking forward to meeting you this week!

    Marc Chee (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

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