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    Posted by Tom Kunc Friday 28 May 2021, 10:43:15 AM, last modified Friday 28 May 2021, 10:43:41 AM.

    This is the course page for COMP1511's 21T1 offering.

    The web page for COMP1511 21T2 is located at:

  • COMP1511 Exam Marks Release

    Posted by Marc Chee Tuesday 18 May 2021, 04:08:52 PM.

    Hi there COMP1511,

    We've just made some changes to your Student Page on the course website:

    • Exam Marks
    • Provisional Final Marks
    • Some marks are not finished
    • Thank you and good luck in the future!

    Exam Marks

    We've just updated your student page to show your exam marks as well as your provisional final mark. You can check it on your Student Page . While you will get a breakdown of your marks per question in the exam, we will not be releasing detailed feedback or automarking breakdowns. The content of the questions and autotesting/automarking is still content that is not publicly available (and you are still not allowed to share details of the questions).

    Provisional Final Marks

    On your student page, you should be able to see our calculation of your final mark for COMP1511. These marks have been submitted to UNSW and should appear in your official student transcript by the end of this week (Officially Thursday).

    It's worth looking at these marks to make sure there haven't been any administrative errors either in the addition of your marks or your assessments.

    I should remind everyone that UNSW has a strict policy of not altering these marks from their genuine result. Even if you are close to a threshold, like 49 or 84 or similar, the course is not allowed to edit these marks.

    Unfinished Marks

    You may also have a provisional mark that says: "Not Yet Released" and in myUNSW will look like "LE" (Late Entry). These marks are still pending some clarification of results and you will be contacted via your UNSW email address to let you know what the situation is and if we need any further input from you.

    Thank You and Good Luck

    For most of you, this is the end of your interaction with COMP1511. I would like to thank you for spending the time and effort you did on this course. I know the course staff have been really appreciative of how interactive and interested you have been and we hope that this gives you the inspiration to continue your studies (whether they're in Computer Science or whatever fields interest you).

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • COMP1511 Assignment Mark Release

    Posted by Tom Kunc Sunday 16 May 2021, 06:23:17 PM.

    Hi COMP1511,

    At this stage, the marks on your student page ( have been updated to include your:

    • Lab Marks (with the exception of a few individual lab exercises which will be re-marked today).
    • Reflection Marks
    • Assignment 1 Marks
    • Assignment 1 Extension Marks
    • Assignment 2 Marks
    • Assignment 2 Extension Marks

    Your Exam marks have not yet been included, we expect them to be released tonight or tomorrow.

    If you see any issues with the marks that are there, please get in touch with us at and we will investigate your marks.

    Please note that we may not be able to reply until tomorrow given the large number of marks we are finalizing.

    All the best for your holidays,

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Admin Staff)

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