• Access to COMP1521 web pages

    Posted by John Shepherd Saturday 19 August 2017, 08:10:09 AM, last modified Saturday 19 August 2017, 09:44:12 AM.

    Something seems to be was broken with the web server that serves the Lab and Tute pages.

    While waiting for systems support to sort out the problem, I've made the pages available at

    Edit: Problem solved . You can forget about the above URL ... unless the CGI servers fail again (which happens very rarely).

  • SPIM/MIPS Instruction Set

    Posted by John Shepherd Wednesday 16 August 2017, 12:04:54 AM.

    I've created a summary of SPIM assembly language in the Documentation directory.

  • Things To Do for Week 03

    Posted by John Shepherd Sunday 06 August 2017, 02:47:41 PM.

    The second quiz is out. Must be completed by midnight Sunday 13 August.

    I've added an extra optional lab for those who finished the Bits lab already.

    The Week 03 tute exercises are now out (with some minor changes from the version before 1pm Sunday 6 August).

Upcoming Due Dates

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