• Slides for Week 4 Wednesday OO Demo

    Posted by Aarthi Natarajan Saturday 19 August 2017, 04:20:05 PM.

    As the Echo recording of the Wednesday lecture did not have sound, slides covering the practical content covered in the lecture have now been uploaded to webCMS3 under week 04 Lectures

  • Group Project Iteration 1 Demo Extension

    Posted by Aarthi Natarajan Saturday 19 August 2017, 11:27:19 AM.

    Dear students,

    Following the recent feedback received from tutors and students, I have decided to postpone the group project demo from week 6 to week 7 to give you more time to prepare for iteration 1 demo.

    To assist students who are new to HTML, Java Script and Flask, I have included several additional resources which can be found under Week 4/Lectures. These include tutorials on HTML, CSS & Java Script and a video tutorial on Flask. I strongly recommend that you go through the video tutorial and try out the exercises for yourselves to help you get up to speed with Flask. It would also assist your understanding when we discuss software architecture and web application architectures in the lectures this week.

    Consultations will also be scheduled in Week 5 and Week 6 to provide assistance to students with the group project which I shall announce shortly.

  • Echo Recording Wednesday Lecture

    Posted by Aarthi Natarajan Wednesday 16 August 2017, 10:03:49 PM.

    Dear students,

    It appears that the there is no sound in the lecture recording for this afternoon. I have raised this matter to the technical team, but not sure if anything can be done. For the students, who did not attend the lectures, I will create some slides on the practical content that was covered this afternoon and upload it to webcms3.

  • Week 4 User Stories Demo - Format of Presentation

    Posted by Aarthi Natarajan Sunday 13 August 2017, 01:18:54 PM.

    User stories can be presented to tutors during the session as google docs or printed hard-copy. Please do not email any soft copies of you document or pdf file to tutors.

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