• 🌷 End of week 4 updates (important peer review)

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang 🍄 Friday 06 October 2023, 02:10:59 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Iteration 1 is due tonight. Congratulations to everyone for their amazing work. We've seen some tentative marks, and a lot of groups have done very well. For the groups that struggled a little more, keep your chin up and take on the lessons for the next iteration. The last two iterations of the course are three weeks instead of two. That breathing room will help.

    Don't forget to catch up and ensure you're on top of the week 4 lectures by the end of the weekend.

    We'll give you the quick last for the lower-attention-span people:

    • Lab5 is due earlier than normal - Week 5 Saturday 10:00 pm.
    • Tutorial 4 solutions and lab3 marks have been released
    • Iteration 1 peer review is due 9 am Monday 9th Oct, and Iteration 2 is being released on Saturday night.

    🐢General Updates and reminders

    Some key updates and reminders for you:

    • Tutorial 4 solutions have been released
    • Lab 4 is due on Monday week 5 at 5pm.
    • Lab 5 is due Saturday week 5 at 10pm ! This has an earlier due date.. please keep an eye on it*. This is due to week 6 being a flexible week and we want to avoid having deadlines in week 6. We only have one lab in lab05.
    • Lab 3 marks have been released on grades page . Remember to read the lab mark guide .

    🍹PEER REVIEW ITER1 - you have only a few days to complete.

    Everyone is required to complete their first peer review for iteration 1. This is invaluable feedback for your tutor to track how your group is performing together.

    The peer review deadline is 5pm on 9am Monday 9th Oct. You have a few days to complete the survey. It should be quick.


    🔥 Iteration 2 released on Saturday night

    Keep an eye out for it and get started next week.

    Remember that iteration 2 is where you will need topics from lectures:

    • Static Verification
    • Linting
    • Advanced Functions
    • HTTP Servers
    • Persistence (next week) - but this is easy

    The advice is to start iteration 2 early next week. The very beginning of it (particularly in adjusting to Typescript + Linting + HTTP) will feel like a hurdle. But just focus on getting over that hurdle so that you can get into the more interesting stuff.

    ✨Iteration 1 marks

    Your iteration 1 marks will be released next Friday!

    A reminder that this weekend (Sunday) is the last day you can drop the course and make it as if your enrollment never happened. If you do drop the course, just shoot your tutor or team members a quick email letting them know (1 minute of your time saves everyone a bit of pain). Since you've dropped right after an iteration, everyone will be fine, and tutors will figure things out :)

    Other than that please have an amazing weekend and look after yourselves! Stay steady; we still have a bit of term to go.

  • ✈️ End of week 3 updates + lab03 extension

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang 🍄 Sunday 01 October 2023, 10:16:17 PM, last modified Sunday 01 October 2023, 10:16:59 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the end of week 3. Nearly a third of the way through the course. Keep it up!!

    Please don't forget to stay up to date with the lectures. Before our next Tuesday lecture, you should have watched all of week 1, 2, and 3 lectures. A reminder that last term, we found that the majority of students who struggled with the course had also fallen behind on lectures :(

    🐢General Updates and reminders

    Some key updates and reminders for you:

    • Tutorial 3 solutions have been released.
    • [Extension] Lab 3 is due on Week 4 Tuesday at 8:00 am (i.e. early morning of 03.10.2023). Solutions will be released on the solution branch at that time.
      • Due to the public holiday on Monday 2nd of October 2023, the lab deadline has been extended by 15 hours.

    😻 Lab02 Marks

    Your lab02 has been marked, and your marks can be seen on the grades page .

    You can read our detailed info about looking at your lab marks here - this is a very useful guide !! If you have any issues, you can follow up with your lab assistant during your lab time during week 4.

    🍉 Iteration 0 results

    Your iteration 0 marks and comments will be made available to you on the grades page of Webcms3 tonight. If you have any follow-up questions about your grades, please email your tutor directly.

    🦃 Iteration 1 - Leaderboard & 1 week to go

    Iteration 1 is due on the Friday of week 4. If you haven't yet started, get to it!

    We will be running the leaderboard (as per section 8.2 in the spec) to have your tentative marks available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of week 4. The leaderboard will be updated around lunchtime - assume at 12 p.m. The leaderboard gives you a chance to sanity check your automark (without knowing the details of what you did right and wrong), and is just a bit of fun.

    You will be able to access the leaderboard here on Monday .

    🌈 Next week

    In week 4, the content we learn will talk about linting, advanced Javascript function features and web servers.

    Hope everyone is have a good long weekend! See you next Tuesday :)

  • 🦓 End of week 2 updates

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang 🍄 Friday 22 September 2023, 11:13:36 PM, last modified Friday 22 September 2023, 11:25:09 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    We hope you've had a great end to your second week! Lots of positive stories are coming my way from tutors who are enjoying the groups in their classes.

    Congrats on submitting iteration 0, and you can take a little bit of a breath this weekend before things start to progressively pick up next week.

    Some key updates and reminders for you:

    • Please don't forget to watch the lectures. Some students start to fall behind. Students who fall behind in lectures tend to, on average, get lower marks in the course. Ensure you've watched all week 1 & 2 lectures by Sunday night.
    • I have released the code that we used in lectures here . You can find the code for weeks 1-3 in that repo. The code will be updated after the lectures, and I will share the code for future weeks later.
    • I re-uploaded all lecture slides for week 1&2. The slides are now more user-friendly and more suitable for printing. Thank you to those who provided feedback on the slides.
    • Tutorial 2 solutions have been released.
    • Lab 2 is due on Monday at 5 pm.
    • We have many help sessions. Sometimes, the queue was quite empty this week. So feel free to join to get free 1-1 help! :) You can check the help session schedule here .

    🌳 Lab01

    Your lab01 has been marked, and your "theoretical" marks are on the grades page . Remember, these marks don't count for anything! It was just a trial run.

    You can read our detailed info about looking at your lab marks here - this is a very useful guide !!

    🦃 Iteration 1

    Iteration 1 will be released this Saturday evening at 10 p.m. Keep an eye out for merge requests in your project repo. An introductory video is contained in the spec. However, the video was recorded for 23T2, and the spec has minor changes for 23T3. Please read through the spec for 23T3 and consult the spec for changes.

    Iteration 1 is due on the Friday of week 4, so you have around two weeks to complete it.

    From iteration 1, we expect to see engagement with standups, meetings, task boards, etc from everyone between now and iteration 1 is due. We will talk more about engagement in Tuesday's lecture next week.

    Please regularly check for merge requests and spec updates on your projects! Every day or two, check out the git commit history or any course-pushed pending merge requests.

    ⏰ Next week

    In week 3, we will learn about continuous integration (an exciting and critical part of software engineering) as well as touch on a lot more static verification. These are exciting topics.

    See you next Tuesday, and enjoy your weekend. :)

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