• DELETING old COMP1531 group projects

    Posted by Robert Clifton-Everest Wednesday 23 September 2020, 10:52:00 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    If you're receiving this message, it is because you were previously enrolled in COMP1531.

    On MONDAY next week, we will be DELETING some of the old Gitlab repositories from the COMP1531 major project. A number of them are quite large and they are taking up considerable space.

    If you wish to keep a copy of your COMP1531 project for your own records, please clone your repos before Monday.

    This only affects project related repositories, those under the 'COMP1531' namespace (e.g. 'COMP1531/20T1/H11B-TeamName'). Your own personal projects (e.g. 'z1234567/20T1-cs1531-lab01') are not affected. Those are only removed once you are no longer enrolled at CSE.


  • Course Honours List

    Posted by Robert Clifton-Everest Monday 25 May 2020, 01:59:23 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Now that results are out, I can now publish an honours list of sorts. This is the top 20 students by overall course mark (the mark we're not allowed to release :-( ). Congratulations to all of you!

         1    Luxa, Emily
         2    Fan, Leighton Legend
         3    Day, Cameron Robert
         4    Briant, Benjamin Christopher
         5    Cunio, Alexander Mark
         6    Wang, Weijie
         7    Finlayson, Oliver John
         8    Medimurac, Nikola
         9    Lee Solano, Lorenzo
        10    Yip, Wai Lam Fergus
        11    Lin, Zhiyang
        12    Jones, Callum Owen
        13    Das, Sandeep
        14    Liu, Xin
        15    Wong, Vincent Wan Chiang
        16    Ha, William Bao Loc
        17    Lee, Anson
        18    Chang, Ya-Ting
        19    Qin, Zhihan
        20    Meggs, Jonah Thomas

    The marks amongst the top 20 students (and even the top 50!) are extremely close, so don't feel disparaged if you didn't make this list. As grading for this term was SY/NF, we didn't do a lot to try and differentiate between the high-performing students, as we normally would.

    In general, you all did really well in this course, considerably better than students in previous offerings, not only in terms of marks, but also in terms of helping each other out in the forums and supporting your classmates during a difficult term.

    While you were introduced to me under somewhat unusual circumstances, it has been fun teaching you all and I hope you all do well in the future, both at UNSW and beyond. Our paths may cross again in future :-)


  • Hope you're doing well!

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Monday 11 May 2020, 02:47:57 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to say a big congrats to all of you for making it through T1 and wrapping up your project/exam for this course last week. It was no doubt a wild ride trying to adjust to the online learning, but I'm sure it all went smoothly under Rob's leadership and the insanely awesome support from your tutors. If you get a chance you should definitely take the 1-2 minutes it takes just to email Rob or your tutors and say THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME. The world can never do with too much kindness :)

    I also wanted to apologise for my somewhat sudden absence from the course. Things come up in life sometimes that you have to tackle head on, but thankfully at this stage I'll be around teaching other subjects in T2 and T3, so hopefully I'll see some of you around (probably via video). If any of you want to stay in touch longer term would recommend hunting me down on LinkedIn!

    Never stop looking after yourselves or looking after each other, and thanks for always being a pleasant cohort to teach for the first 5 weeks of the term.

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