• Supplementary Exam

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Sunday 18 February 2018, 05:27:37 PM.

    Hello everyone who is doing the supp exam.

    Supp exam will be held

    * on Friday 23rd February, from 9.20 - 12.30

    * in the Tabla/Bongo Lab on the Ground Floor of K17

    Note that 9.20 is when "reading time" starts, but

    you should aim to be at the Lab by 9.15. You don't

    start working on the exam until 9.30, and then you

    have 3 hours to complete it.

  • Provisional Marks Available and Supp Exam Info

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Friday 16 February 2018, 02:14:51 PM.

    Hello everyone.

    Your final provisional marks are available. The field "FinalGrade" is the final mark and grade for the course. You can also see your exam marks and of course all assignment and lab marks have been finalised too now. Email me ASAP if you think there are any legitimate issues.

    Note: final_q22 was the last programming question and it was marked harshly. Just because you passed some of the submission tests, does not guarantee marks (it was true or false so a function just returning true could get 50% of tests correct). If your solution was not able to detect incomplete trees like the following as being incomplete then your approach was wrong and you got little or no marks.

         /   \
       4      7
      /      /  \
    10      23  15

    final_q20 was also a true/false one, so some students happened to pass all submission tests but did not get full marks as they may have only considered balance at the root of the tree or with trees with only 2 branches.

    Otherwise you probably had a fair idea from the submission tests as to what mark you would receive.

    Congratulations to all students who worked hard and got the great results you deserved! Thanks for being a great class.

    Supp Exam Info

    Note: The supp exam is not available to students who sat for the final exam and failed. Only students who have officially requested special consideration and who did not sit the final exam.

    If you are eligible for the supp exam you will have 'WD' as your final grade. Contact me if I have given you permission to do the supp, but you DON'T have a WD as your final grade.

    I am planning to run the supp exam on friday 23rd of February. I need to confirm the exact time and location and will give more information soon.

  • The Hunt results

    Posted by Jashank Jeremy Saturday 10 February 2018, 01:45:54 PM, last modified Saturday 10 February 2018, 01:47:28 PM.

    The hunts are over… so how did you all do?

    Congratulations to our joint first-placed teams:

    • Blade (of Daniel Woolnough and Keiran Sampson), and
    • Kevin and Hui (of Kevin Luxa and Hui Zhang).

    Close behind them, to round out the top ten:

    • Heart Catch Precure (of Junjun Pan),
    • Normotensive Snavel (of Nicholas Killeen and Sarah Tan),
    • Knuckles & Knuckles (of Ian Thorvaldson and Rachel Ha),
    • Assignment 2 (of Alan Truong and Franco Loi),
    • 困る (of Declan McDonnell and James He),
    • freakin' hot vampire (of Haibo Wang and Bo Pang),
    • Count von Count (of Peter Kerr and Allan Lu), and
    • Mystery Inc. (of Nicholas Quinn and Harry Gougousidis).

    The top five Draculas and Hunters were:

    Dracula Hunter
    1 Kevin and Hui
    Kevin Luxa
    Hui Zhang
    Knuckles & Knuckles
    Ian Thorvaldson
    Rachel Ha
    2 Normotensive Snavel
    Nicholas Killeen
    Sarah Tan
    Heart Catch Precure
    Junjun Pan
    3 Blade
    Daniel Woolnough
    Keiran Sampson
    Daniel Woolnough
    Keiran Sampson
    4 Count von Count
    Peter Kerr
    Allen Lu
    James He
    Declan McDonnell
    5 Catch Me If You Can
    Joel Springer
    Antranik Labajian
    Kevin and Hui
    Kevin Luxa
    Hui Zhang

    Marks for ass2hunt are now out, and you can check yours on the WebCMS3 grades page, via Give Online, or via 2521 classrun sturec .

    Marks for ass2view are coming soon; stay tuned.

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