• Flex Week ... No Online Sessions

    Posted by John Shepherd Monday 06 July 2020, 08:27:32 PM, last modified Monday 06 July 2020, 08:30:39 PM.

    This being Flexibility Week, there'll be no online sessions (Tue 11-1, Wed 10-11), and no tute/labs.

    Instead, we'll release the assignment 2 spec and you can read/think-about that.

  • Quiz 4

    Posted by John Shepherd Friday 03 July 2020, 09:24:34 AM.

    As of this morning (Fri 3 Jul), less than half the class had done Quiz 4. Quizzes are useful because (a) they're relatively cheap marks, (b) they let you review material from the previous week. Please do the quiz before 23:59 today. And, if you have already done it, but are having second thoughts, you can always re-submit.

  • Week 05 Lab: bug in lab.c

    Posted by John Shepherd Thursday 02 July 2020, 11:45:18 AM, last modified Thursday 02 July 2020, 03:39:25 PM.

    I fell for the oldest trick in the book ... forgot to put a break at the end of the case for edge removal.

    Now fixed in . Easy enough to fix in your own copy of glab.c . Search for case 'r' .

    Thanks to Pierre Lingat for spotting this and pointing it out to us. Please point out bugs in labs and assignments asap, to avoid others getting stumped by the same problem.

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