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  • Documentation for Assignment 1

    Posted by Marc Chee Friday 22 October 2021, 11:46:25 PM.

    Hi Graphics,

    We've noticed that some people did not fill out any documentation for Assignment 1, and (as is stated in the specification) received zero marks for the assignment.

    As we're trying not to be too harsh at the moment, I've decided to give people a second chance to submit documentation. So if you received no marks for Assignment 1 because of a lack of documentation, I'm going to ask the tutors to remark your assignments, but with some conditions.

    If this is you:

    • Please push a completed to your Assignment 1 Repository
    • You CANNOT change your code, this opportunity is just for a lack of documentation
    • Email your tutor to request a remark
    • Your tutor will remark your assignment and you will receive a maximum of 50% of the total mark

    As I don't want the tutors to get bogged down in remarking, this offer is only available until Friday 29th October. It is also only available if you're in the situation where you have written code for the assignment but forgot to document it.

    Marc (on behalf of the Graphics Teaching Team)

  • Assignments News

    Posted by Marc Chee Tuesday 19 October 2021, 08:55:08 PM.

    Hi Graphics!

    We have some news today in regards to Assignments

    • Assignment 1 marks have been released
    • Assignment 2 specification has been released

    Assignment 1 Marks

    We've finished marking the majority of Assignment 1 and it is now available for you to see your feedback and marks. You can access this via the grades button when you're logged into the course website (this link might work, but I'm not 100% on it: )

    If there are any issues with the marking or anything you need to discuss, you can contact your tutor or if you'd like to talk to me about it (assume there will be delays if you're contacting me) you can email the class email address (cs3421@cse ... ).

    Assignment 2 Released

    Assignment 2 is now ready for you to start work. This assignment is based on 3D graphics and lighting. The specification document can be accessed via the course website in the Assignments section. Remember that you need to be logged in as a student to be able to see the link to the document.

    We will also be pushing a git repository to each of you for you to work and submit from. This is very similar to how it worked for Assignment 1.

    Bear in mind that we haven't taught you everything that you'll need to be able to complete this assignment, but you will definitely be able to make a start on it then continue your work as we go through lighting in the coming weeks.

    Marc (on behalf of the Graphics Teaching Team)

  • Week 6 (Flexibility Week) of Graphics

    Posted by Marc Chee Sunday 17 October 2021, 07:06:20 PM.

    Hi Graphics!

    Just a quick notice to remind everyone that week 6 is "Flexibility Week". This means there are no Lectures and Tutorials this week and no assessable content will be due this week. We do have some things to talk about though:

    • Week 6 Activities (or lack thereof)
    • Assignment 1 Marks Release
    • Assignment 2 Specification Release

    Week 6 Activities

    There are no lectures or tutorials in Week 6. You can use this time to catch up on previous work in the course or look at some of the extension exercises in the tutorials.

    If I (Marc) decide to do something informal this week like some streaming and discussion of Graphics in games and film, I'll let you know later.

    Assignment 1 Marks Release

    Coming very soon! The team has nearly finished all the marking so we're expecting a class-wide marks release on Monday or Tuesday, barring any unforseen issues.

    Assignment 2 Specification Release

    Like the Assignment 1 marking, the Specification document for Assignment 2 is being written at the moment and should be ready for release in the next two days. We'll also have a git repository for each student, much like Assignment 1. Bear in mind that at the time of release, we won't have taught you all the course material necessary to actually complete this assignment, so you can be patient, start looking into it, but there's no pressure to complete it before the Lighting lectures and tutorials.

    Marc (on behalf of the Graphics Teaching Team)

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