• Marks Release Update

    Posted by Marc Chee Friday 17 December 2021, 07:14:39 PM.

    Hi there Graphics!

    I have what I hope is good news for most people in the course. The main bulk of marks have now been released on WebCMS with myUNSW submitted (but usually not immediately reflected).

    There are still some students with longer extensions unmarked and other marks queries and technical issues being resolved, but for the majority of you, this will be the last notice you'll be hearing from me or the course.

    Thank you for taking the course and also thanks for all the useful feedback you've given us via the MyExperience survey.

    Marc (on behalf of the Graphics Teaching Team)

  • Marks Release for Graphics

    Posted by Marc Chee Thursday 16 December 2021, 11:04:53 AM.

    Hi Graphics!

    You may have noticed that sometime this morning when the initial email of marks was released that Graphics was marked as LE (which means Late Entry). It was indeed late, as the tutors are still marking some of the assignments, especially those with extensions.

    We are, however, on schedule to release about 80% of the course's marks at 12pm today (16th December).

    You may notice that your marks don't exactly match up to the raw marks you've recieved in the course. Assignment 3 was actually scaled up due to its difficulty (apologies again for this, there will be a lot of redesign that goes into this for next year). When we release the exact marks in webcms, you'll still receive exact feedback for what you've submitted in the assignment, but your final mark may appear slightly higher than that.


  • Week 12 of Graphics

    Posted by Marc Chee Monday 29 November 2021, 08:48:33 PM.

    Hi Graphics!

    I definitely wasn't expecting to make a Week 12 notice, but here we are! What we have on:

    • Assignment 2 Results Released
    • Extra mid-week Help Session
    • Assignment 3 finishing soon

    Assignment 2 Results Released

    This evening we released the results for Assignment 2. You should be able to access them via your Grades link .

    Extra Mid-Week Help Session

    We've scheduled an extra Help Session for this week on Wednesday, 3-6pm. There's only one tutor (Sam) available for this one, so please thank him for being able to give some extra help if you see him.

    Assignment 3 due at the end of this week

    A reminder that the final assignment is due on the 3rd December. If you're having trouble meeting this deadline due to exam pressure/scheduling, remember that you can email the course's email address to apply for an extension.

    Otherwise, we hope that you're able to make progress on the assignment so far!

    Marc (on behalf of the Graphics Teaching Team)

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