• Linear Time Complexity for Both Union Tree and Intersection Tree in Assignment 2

    Posted by Hui Wu Sunday 21 March 2021, 09:47:44 PM, last modified Sunday 21 March 2021, 09:51:25 PM.

    Dear All,

    In my Week 4 Monday lecture, I explained how to get the linear time complexity for both union tree and intersection tree. If you did not attend the lecture, please watch the lecture recording.



  • Final Result

    Posted by Hui Wu Wednesday 20 May 2020, 10:00:11 PM.

    Dear COMP9024 Students,

    We had a difficult term due to Covid-19 pandemic. In spite of the difficult situation, many students worked very hard and completed all the assignments, especially the last one. I would like to congratulate the following students who got full marks in all the four assignments:

    Chen, Yuanzhao

    Kwanda, Rittisak

    Ly, Danny

    Ma, Xizhen

    Ren, Yi

    Rodionov, Yulia

    Shi, David

    Tandjiria, Sidney

    Wang, Kunpeng

    Yong, Fong Chuan

    Zhang, Zixuan

    Zong, Yi

    Well done guys!

    I wish everyone all the best in your future study!


  • Assignments marking

    Posted by Wael Alghamdi Sunday 17 May 2020, 11:57:24 AM.

    Dear Students,

    Please read the following two announcement very carefully.

    Announcement 1 : Assignment 4 marks

    Assignment 4 marks have been released. I appreciate your individual efforts in giving your best with both the solution and design manual. Please check your marks and email me (sidra.malik<at> for any queries by 17 th May, 9 pm. Below are the cases for which you should be contacting me. Please note Do Not send emails to LIC or Admin, directly email to me. Your email subject must start with: [Assignment 4][zid Name]

    1. If you haven’t been marked for some reason (late submission, file extraction) please send me your files today
    2. If there was compilation error comment, send me screenshots of execution on your machine

    I will release the stats after attending to the queries.

    Announcement 2: A1, A2 A3 Marks

    Dear All,

    Please make sure all those who have submitted A1,A2,A3 have been marked. If for some reason you haven’t been marked (please note we will not accept any new submissions) please let me know by 1 7 th May, 9 pm today as we have to finalize the results soon.

    Your email subject must start with: [Assignment #][zid Name]

    Thank you all and Good luck.

    Best regards


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