• Further exam info

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 03 May 2021, 02:31:27 PM.

    You are probably aware that the final exam will take place this coming Wednesday. You will be accessing the exam link via the COMP9334 Moodle page. The university requires you to acknowledge that you have read 3 documents before you will be able access the exam link. My advice is that you should go to the COMP9334 Moodle page, and do the reading and acknowledgement, before the exam. The advantage is that you will be able to start your exam at the beginning of the exam on Wednesday.

    For exam info, please refer to Week 12C and its recording. In addition, I have started a thread on the forum with the title "Q and A: on exam" to summarise the answers to a number of questions/answers that will probably be good for all the students to know. These questions came from a number of forum questions that some students ask.

    All the best with the exam.

  • Project marks

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 03 May 2021, 01:53:35 PM, last modified Monday 03 May 2021, 01:53:52 PM.

    The project marks are now available. You can check them by clicking on the bar-chart like icon next to your name on the course website. The project is marked out of 30 where

    • 10 marks are for tests that we run on the code that you submitted. More details below. (This mark is in the field project_code)
    • 20 marks are for the report. These are awarded based on the assessment criteria in Section 7.2 of the specs. Those students who paid particular attention to the criteria would have received a good mark (This mark is in the field project_report)

    We ran 10 tests (1 mark per test) on your submitted code on the CSE system. I have put the config/ and ref/ files for the tests that we used on the project page in the course website. Further information on code testing can be found on that page.

    Some of you may see a non-empty project_comment field when you check your marks. If this is the case, it means that we have some trouble running your submitted code on the CSE system.

    If you have queries, you can send me an email or a private message on the forum.

  • Sample examination / myExperience

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Wednesday 28 April 2021, 02:20:22 PM.

    The solution to the sample exam is now available. There is also a correction to the question text. To view the solution and the correction, go to course website and look for the link "Sample examination".

    I would like to thank you those who have completed the myExperience survey. If you haven't completed the survey, I would encourage you to use the survey to provide us with feedback.

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