• COMP3900/9900 Demo, Report, Project, and Peers Marks

    Posted by Matthew Sladescu Thursday 02 September 2021, 12:00:01 PM.

    Hi Everyone,

    Final grades for Demo, Report, Software Quality, and Peers marks are now available on WebCMS3 from your grades page.

    Hope you've enjoyed this course, and best wishes on your next journey.

    For any queries, please do contact your mentor directly.

  • COMP3900/9900 Course Conclusion & myExperience Survey

    Posted by Matthew Sladescu Monday 09 August 2021, 12:01:17 PM.

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you and congratulations on making it to the conclusion of the course! It’s been a pleasure, and it’s wonderful to have had so many great projects and ideas developed by teams during the course.

    We'll post an announcement here once remaining final results are available.

    Stay safe, and I wish you all the best.

    If you would take a moment to fill in a myExperience survey for the course it would be much appreciated.

    The survey can be accessed either through the myExperience survey link on the moodle course website; or using your [zid] email address credentials ( where your zid replaces [zid] ) to log in here:

  • COMP3900/9900 Week 10 Reminders/Notices

    Posted by Matthew Sladescu Monday 02 August 2021, 08:47:30 AM.

    Hi Everyone,

    A few friendly reminders/notices for COMP3900/9900:

    * Remember that your software quality & report submissions are due today at 22:00. Note that the instructions on how to submit these can be accessed from the Assessments Page (under Course Work > Assessments on the course WebCMS site). Your final demonstration/presentation should use the same final system you submit for your software quality.

    * There's a final wrap-up lecture, available on echo360 at 9am today, which you can access by clicking on Lectures from the course moodle site (slides also available from then on the course WebCMS site (under Course Work > Lectures - click on Download for the lecture)).

    * The peers evaluation to be submitted by each student individually is due this Friday at 22:00, with details for submitting this also accessible from the Assessments page and further detailed in the assessment guidelines (under Course Work > Assessments on the course WebCMS site).

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