• Exam Today

    Posted by Dean Wunder Friday 04 December 2020, 10:16:59 AM.

    Hello all,

    Just a reminder that the final exam is 12pm-6pm today. It will start about 2 hours after this post was sent.

    The exam can will be accessible here: but only once the exam starts at about 12pm.

    If there are any issues please contact The forum will be read only during the exam.

    - Dean (on behalf of CP1511 teaching staff)

  • WebCMS3 Links Fixed

    Posted by Dean Wunder Wednesday 02 December 2020, 06:38:31 PM.

    Hello all,

    Some people have told me that there are some broken links on WebCMS3 under Lectures and Tutorials and Labs. They should now be fixed. Let me know if there are still any broken ones. Thanks.

  • Revision, Workshop and Solutions

    Posted by Dean Wunder Tuesday 01 December 2020, 03:55:48 PM.

    Final Exam Email

    You should have received an email from the CP1511 Exams Team information you of your scheduled CP1511 Final Exam. Please contact us if you have not received this email.

    There is a new link on the left menu of our WebCMS3 page - "Revision". In this resource you will find some extra exercises to practice certain areas of the course. We will be solving some of those exercises in the workshop tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all in the workshop tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am in UNSW Global W301. Please do bring your computer. In the workshop, you can work on anything you like, but there will also be problems we will attempt and solve together.

    The solutions for all tutorials and labs have been released on WebCMS3. If you were unable to solve a particular exercise, please feel free to browse these solutions.

    - Dean (on behalf of CP1511 teaching staff)

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